Independence-A Promotion Ceremony 238607.14

((Conference Room 1 -- USS Independence))

Mar: Thank you, Commander. Seeing no further questions, I have a couple other pieces of business to deal with before I send you on to your various assignments.

Ensign Ralik, front and center.

::The former engineer waited until the Ferengi Engineer had gotten up next to her before going on.::

Mar: Mr. Ralik's been with us for a while now, joining the ship in the midst of the station crisis. His input has been valuable at times, but solid and reliable always. I'm happy to promote him to Lieutenant junior grade. Congratulations, Lieutenant.

::She pinned the new half-pip to his collar, then waited until the applause die down and cleared her throat.::

Mar: Lieutenant Karynn Ehlanni, c'mon up here.

::The Hallian woman looked a bit surprised and didn't move right away, so the Captain motioned for her.::

Mar: Lieutenant Karynn Ehlanni's been a member of my crew for a while now and has been a valued member since she came aboard. She's been an example for junior officers and is extremely good at her job, no matter what job she might get assigned to. Because of her contributions and in anticipation of more to come, I hereby promote Ms. Karynn Ehlanni to Lt. Commander. Congratulations, Commander.

::She pinned the half-pip to Kayrnn's collar and offered her hand to shake. When the other woman had taken her seat again, Idril motioned her yeoman over; Ian handed her a dark wood box. Made of polished ironwood, it was as heavy as metal and the dark color of double-brewed coffee.::

Mar: Last but not least, Lt. Commander David Cody.

::Since he was already standing near her, she simply went on.::

Mar: I remember David Cody first coming aboard Independence... the first Independence... when I was first officer under Captain Anassasi. When he joined the crew, he was driven. Driven ensigns are like candles. They burn brightly, but either they sputter and burn out or they go on to make bigger fires. I'm glad to say that he has done the latter. LtCommander David Cody, on both the recommandations of myself and Admiral Anassasi and the approval of Starfleet Command, I promote you to the rank of full commander. May the gods have mercy on your soul, because they also chose to backdate this promotion to the beginning of the year.

::The Trill Captain took the full pip from the blood-red velvet in the box and pinned it to Cody's collar. She shook his hand and handed him the box as a sovineir.::

::After the enthusiastic applause died down, the redhead continued.::

Mar: Ok, we've got a little less than 96 hours until we reach Bull's Run. I will be wandering through and checking on everyone, but I will be having a meeting with the department heads in a couple of days. You're all dismissed.

Captain Idril Mar
USS Independence-A