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Reputed to have been built on the site of the first Coven, the "Great City" is the seat of The Fielding League.

One of the best preserved historical sites on the whole of Duronis II, the great city is renowned for its spires and ornate architectural features. Entrance to the City is through one of two gates and the entire site is guarded by Covot Guards.

The Cathedral of Diamoclease I is the largest structure within the city walls and it is here that both the Elders and the Feldleser are based.

Cathedral of Diamoclease I

This is the largest building in the Great City. Only one large atrium is open to public access and often the site of many pilgrimage. This atrium is beautifully decorated with elaborate carvings and precious stones. At least one large carving to the right is a portrait of Diamoclease I himself (the first Feldleser.)

Whilst public covens may take place in this atrium, the rest of the large structure is kept off-limits. Containing the offices and chambers of each of the Fielding League Elders and alarge part dedicated to the seat of the Feldleser himself.

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