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Kali Nicholotti

Kalianna Nicholotti

Kalianna Nicholotti is the daughter of a retired Marine and a civilian nurse. Though her father would have preferred otherwise, she spent most of her childhood with her grandfather, who was a retired Marine Corps pilot. It was Mikhail Sr, who taught Kalianna to fly, and it was he who gifted her the antique F-18 Hornet she counts as her most prized possession.

Entering the Marines shortly after her 19th birthday, Kalianna excelled in all of the areas her father wished she didn't. He wasn't pleased that she had joined, and he was even less pleased when she was nearly fatally injured protecting the First Officer on her first mission. The injury resulted in an artificial heart, which she carried within her until her Captaincy.

If Kalianna is known for anything, it is her fierce loyalty and dedication to serving her crew. Throughout her life she has held to the ideals that life is precious and her comrades deserved her very best. Each day she strives to give them that. She's been quoted as saying, in her mild Russian accent, "I serve this crew, not the other way around."

While attaining the rank of Captain was certainly a highlight of her career, a chance meeting with David Cody and a quick waltz at her promotion banquet set into motion a new set of events that promised to take her even higher. With the idea of 'family' in front of her, she's jumped at the chance to explore a new realm.

2389 was a chaotic year for Kalianna. In February, she took command of Starbase 118 Operations, as her long-time CO and friend, Captain Jaxx, launched his new ship, the USS Apollo. A few months later, she was promoted to Captain. Though there were difficult times, she managed to survive an encounter with shadow creatures that are still less than understood, helped guide her crew in developing a weapon against a strange, threatening, cloud of projectiles, and stood her ground during the Klingon invasion when a rogue Klingon fleet threatened the newly formed Thracian Alliance.

It was in the aftermath of the latter event that an EMP moved through the ship, causing her artificial heart to fail. Thanks to the foresight of Doctor Johanna MacLaren, Kalianna survived the ordeal and walked away with a real, transplanted heart that now beats strong within her.



Brek is a Ferengi born in a tiny village on Ferenginar. He spent his childhood away from home, in a boarding school, and he left his home planet on the day of his majority. After spending several years trying without success to make his fortune, he realized that a more stable life would be more suited to his aspirations of wealth. This is how resolved to join the famed Starfleet Academy.

He found his way into diplomacy after failing at science, and upon graduating was sent to Starbase 118 where he still serves. Protocols, conventions and formalities are his weapons of choice. When he is not using this convoluted bureaucratic arsenal to keep the Diplomatic Tower in one piece, he is plagued by an inquisitive grandmother, a self-appointed Tellarite friend, and an aide who speaks Franglais.

Due to his obsession for making a profit in every situation, Brek is wary of what Terrans call ‘friendship’. It is a concept that is alien to him, and so far his allies only consist of two Ambassadors: Gavin MacLaren and Lily Ventu. The only thing that Brek couldn’t live without is good food (or rather his idea of it). Anytime there is a little lull in a mission, he can often be found snacking on some new delicacy or old foodstuff found at the bottom of a drawer. He also has an interest in art, but this activity is solely done to improve his financial portfolio.

Last year saw Brek taking part in a murder investigation during Ops’s confrontation with the Romulan Reikara. Some time later, while the Starbase was menaced by mind controlling creatures (dubbed the Shadows), he provided assistance to a Bajoran woman who had been victimized by those Shadows for years.

More recently, during the conflict that opposed a fleet of Klingons rogues to the Thracian Alliance, Brek played an instrumental role in the signing of the Thracian protectorate. After an eventful soirée celebrating their victory with the crews of the USS Apollo and USS Mercury, he has had to battle with a zealous consultant and the reception of an unwanted gift. Now, back on duty, Brek has moved a portion of his belongings to the USS Columbia, as the Ops crew embarks for a long and perilous mission to Station Odyssey.

Vitor Silveira

Vitor Silveira

Vitor Stone Silveira is, in his own definition, a character. Or as one of his numerous sayings state “If he wasn’t born, he would have to be invented”. He is the only child of a couple of traders that was raised mostly by his paternal grandparents. He spent his childhood between Earth and Risa, this after his maternal grandparents retired there. And although his parents spent all the time they could with him it was the mix of both a rural life in Portugal, and the great relation with his grandfather, and the off time in Risa, that molded his character. He grew passionate of History and Portuguese culture and learned almost all of his grandfathers quotes and sayings.

Outspoken, attention craving, used to break every boundary of manners and politeness rules, always the clown Vitor has a smile, laugh or quick reply “ready to fire”. Still, he can be polite and behave himself if the need arises. Despite what appears he is well educated, and ready to help anyone in need. He might look like irresponsible, but he takes his work seriously, and is fiercely loyal to his CO and crew mates.

He found that Starfleet stands for what he regards as his Portuguese heritage and chose for himself the motto "To boldly go where so many have gone before." He enjoys a good fight, and loves military history. But prefers to have something to shoot with rather than hand-to-hand. That was why he chose Tactical instead of Security.

Vitor arrived at Starbase 118 during the "Shadow" crisis. He attached himself to Commander Nicholotti like a tick and gave her a much need snack. When they returned to sickbay at the request of Lieutenant Brek he escorted Ens. Freo and helped in her recovery. When the crisis passed he gave a helping hand to Commander Cody has he was preparing the banquet. The next day he worked on some ideas with the Commander Breeman, Ens. Livingston and Commander MacKenna. Onboard the Victory he took on the Tactical station and although he was eager to fight he followed procedure properly and didn't fall for the ruse the Klingon's tried.

Vitor took some time to reach the party. The surprise he was preparing and a small detour to get Lieutenant Benton on "partying" spirit made him late. But he still left his mark with his karaoke version of "Kung-fu fighting".

Joseph Dubeau

Joseph Dubeau

Joseph hails from Terra, North America. His parents, father, Anthony Dubeau and mother, Elizabeth Smith- Dubeau, are both teachers. His uncle, Vice Admiral Dubeau had very little influence over his decision to join Starfleet.

His major influence came from a Vulcan neighbour who taught him the art of Suss Mahna, a Vulcan martial art. Being Joseph's mentor, he slowly guided Joseph towards Starfleet. The Vulcan had been a security officer, and seeing some of the same tendencies in Joseph, encouraged him to do the same.

Joseph entered the Academy at a young age, 18 years old, and completed his first year in Security officer training. After a trip to the Marine training facility at Quantico, he applied to have his credits transferred to the Marine officer training program.

After completing the Marine officer training program, he received qualifications in hand to hand and small arms combat, search and rescue techniques, pilot qualifications for everything from small fighters to shuttle/runabouts and helms men qualifications.

On Stardate 238904.23 was transferred to his first posting as a Marine pilot at Starbase 118 where he attained the positions of SAR team lead and Chief Marine Officer.

Life has been quite busy for Dubeau since being posted to Starbase 118. He lead a fighter squadron that backed up the USS Victory. After that mission, while at a get together, Dubeau met a young doctor, an Ensign Johanna MacLaren, whose relationship continues to grows. He also found the time, along with Lieutenant Commander Breeman, to design and construct a fighter bay on board the USS Victory.

The next mission found Dubeau leading an SAR team mission to search USS Calgary during the shadow incident after which, he was promoted to the rank of First Lieutenant.

Dubeau's next mission had him taking the helm of the USS Victory during a battle with a Klingon fleet, threatening the Thracian Alliance. Dubeau attained the position of Chief Marine Officer. This new mission has begun with Dubeau having to transfer the fighter bay from Victory to the USS Columbia.

Johanna MacLaren

Johanna MacLaren

Johanna Deidre MacLaren, MD is the daughter of two UFOP high ranking diplomats. Her mother is from a prominent Betazoid family while her father, a Scottish peer, is from Aberfoyle, Scotland where he inherited an ancient estate where Johanna spent her early childhood with her older twin brothers, Gavin and Colin. Having been born with her telepathy active, Johanna suffered the problems often associated with this condition: the inability to shut out thoughts of others. She eventually learned to do so after years of training on Vulcan, an experience that was extremely difficult for the shy and sensitive child. The remote, emotionless world of Vulcan did nothing to help her overcome the shyness often misinterpreted as aloofness. Returning to earth, she entered Starfleet Medical where she graduated with academic distinction but with a notation in her file that her reserve tended to isolate her from others. Deeply caring about others, she made a determined effort to overcome her past when she arrived at SB118. During her internship on Alpha Seti one, a Borg raid had resulted in her being the only doctor left unwounded, a trial by fire for the young doctor suddenly in charge of the medical treatment of colonists under attack. A similar situation ensued upon her arrival at SB18 where the base was almost immediately under attack by Shadows which disabled the CMO, Dr. Deron almost immediately. As a result of her competence during this period, she was appointed CMO when Deron left the base. During the crisis she and the equally shy Marine Lieutenant Joseph Dubeau, fell in love, a surprise to both of them.

Johanna became CMO and immediately set about creating a warm and inviting atmosphere to replace the sterile environment normally associated with hospitals. She softened the décor, set up a welcoming center, encouraged the staff to stop by for coffee, tea and refreshments in hopes that they would feel more comfortable coming for care when it is needed. If her goal was a more old fashioned, personal approach to medicine, her state of the art work with genetic transplantation resulted in a cloned heart to replace the artificial heart Capt. Nicholotti had used for years and a new leg for Commander Alexander Matthews then of the USS Mercury. She and Joseph Dubeau have advanced both in their careers and personal lives, having recently become engaged.

Mandany Rose

Mandany Rose

Dany was born to the Vulcan Verok and an El-Aurian named Ishani Rose, both archaeologists, and for her formative years enjoyed great opportunities and the fresh, warm air of the moon. When Dany was 15 her mother took her away. Together they became part of the crew on a freighter called the SS Jen-Tuan. Under the command of a stern Rigelian, Loso Aral, and her first officer, the Ferengi Gern, the Jen-Tuan ran cargo of all sorts with the hidden agenda of aiding the Bajorans during the Occupation.

After the discovery of the wormhole, the Jen-Tuan began working with the Maquis. The crew was lost when they abandoned ship near the Badlands trying to avoid capture by the Cardassians and their Dominion allies. A human, Jared Oliver, and his crew on the SS Winding Down rescued Dany from where she was being held captive by the Cardassians and took her to Vulcan where her estranged father was working. Together Verok and Dany embarked on two-year journey to try and control her emotional damage from being captured and tortured.

Dany left Vulcan in 2381, unable to completely quench her emotions. She rejoined the Winding Down as ship’s counselor and used their resources to try and find out what happened to her mother and the rest of the Jen-Tuan’s crew. Her sole purpose in life is to find out what happened to her mother. In 2385 she joined Starfleet at the recommendations of both Jared Oliver and her father.

In 2389 Dany passed her classes with average marks, mostly due to disagreements over the nature of counseling between herself and her professors. She travelled to Starbase 118 for her cadet cruise and was subsequently assigned to the crew as a counselor on 238911.28. After a brief stay on the Starbase, Dany was recalled to Earth to give testimony against two classmates involved in cheating on exams. After an unpleasant week in the company of her archenemy, an Andorian named Y’shras, Dany returned to Starbase 118 where she hopes to continue to provide support for the crew with her fellow counselor, Ensign Ryoji Chibitsu.

Chythar Skyfire

Chythar Skyfire

Born on Earth, raised going to public schools by his father. Calvin did his best to raise the boy after his birth. Captain Skyfire did what she could to raise the boy before she was recalled to negotiate peace on Romulus when Chythar was 12.

As a result of going to public school, Chythar's interest in science became an obsession. He decided many of the hard sciences interested him: xenobiology, linguistics, and chemistry. By the time he was old enough to enter University of Washington at age 18, he focused primarily on chemistry and linguistics. His adaptability at languages was sophisticated enough that he was able to speak fluently in Greek, Chinese, Latin, Russian, and Hebrew. His graduation was a brief family reunion with his mother and father, along with an MD at age 23. During his time at UW, he developed his ciphers for his stress levels and started keeping logs of his adventures in school written in different languages.

Post-graduation, his mother left yet again for more diplomatic work. He spent the next 4 years at Starfleet, working on his science major and two specializations: Xenobiology and Medicine. When he graduated from Starfleet, he has a brief reunion with Captain Skyfire, and it was the last time he sees his father as he leaves the nest to go exploring. The time Chythar spent in Starfleet was met with new challenges, amongst which was making friends who knew him well enough to get a copy of his ciphers. Subconsciously, when Chythar panics he doesn’t know what language the letter is in until he’s told.

In 2389, Chythar Skyfire graduated from Starfleet with a science degree, but due to the requirements of the program realized he had an affinity for medicine. He graduated a science cadet, but upon his posting to Starbase 118/USS Columbia, he was made medical officer. His first day in a new post involved a baptism by fire; untried and untested by a crew whose lives were placed in his hands without him having the faintest idea about their medical histories, their dossiers, or the mission log. He’d barely gotten to the ship when he learned Sickbay had been practically devoured by metal-munching space dragons, and all hell broke loose. Being his first day, he carried himself with a degree of professionalism mixedwith tension causing a bit of a rocky start with his superior, the Lt JG MacLaren. During the course of the mission, he’d mended the fences he’d broken with her and attempted to get settled in.

Katy Orman

Katy Orman

Katy Orman is a warrior at heart. Security is her vocation, because protecting people is her passion. Born to the Orman Group (third generation,) she displayed a great deal of aptitude for the family business, but it was her adopted uncle's influence, perhaps, that led her to leave home to make her own way.

After an ill-fated love affair ended, she enrolled in Starfleet Academy, where she made high grades in most of her classes (with a few dismal exceptions.) Her original assignment was to Engineering, but to her great relief this lasted only days, and she quickly was moved to her true vocation. She displayed a great deal of dedication and skill in the role, but chafed with her department head a bit--displaying an independence and attitude towards authority that has been something of a hallmark of her career.

She has been Chief of Security on several vessels and on Starbase 118 itself. While on duty she tends to eschew the command centres in favour of her own security office or being out with her teams. Katy spends most of her off-duty hours (when she gets any) with her best friend, but can occasionally be found socialising with the security NCOs, exploring the 118 Commercial Sector by herself, or training her fighting skills on a holodeck.

Katy started 2389 having just recently been reinstated to Starfleet (after an unfortunate incident caused her to lose her clearance for half a year.) The actual start to the year was on shore leave on a resort planet, but almost immediately upon return the base was attacked by a Romulan splinter group called Reikara, and Katy had to discover their agent on-station.

After the safety of the starbase was assured, Katy was soon drawn into an investigation into an abandoned ship which had been attacked by some sort of shadow-creatures. During this traumatic time (the creatures having been unleashed upon the base,) she briefly encountered what appeared to be herself from a different point in time. There was a brief respite, during which she was surprised to find herself promoted, but celebrations were cut short as Katy (and much of the fleet) was drawn into the Klingon attack on Thracian space.

Benjamin Livingston

Benjamin Livingston

Lieutenant, Junior Grade Benjamin Livingston was born outside the city of Boston, Earth in 2360 to Harold and Jessica Livingston. Growing up, Ben looked up to his father but ended up disappointing him by studying engineering, a field in which Harold had started his career and sought to rise above. His decision to leave engineering for Starfleet was seen as a step up, but it still did not meet Harold’s expectations. Though he maintains contact with his parents, Ben has all but lost touch with his brother John.

Currently, Ben Livingston is Assistant Chief Engineer for Starbase 118 Operations, with particular expertise in power distribution and storage. Livingston began his Starfleet career in 2389 after graduating from Starfleet Academy; prior to enrolling at the Academy, he was a design engineer by profession, developing energy storage devices for Power Storage Solutions. After leaving industry disillusioned, Livingston sought out Starfleet as a refuge from what he saw as corrupt individuals seeking influence and power at the expense of stakeholders and public interest.

Among his peers, Ben is regarded as a hard working, creative person who seeks to keep busy with work. What little personal time he has is spent on pet projects or staying physically active. In the future, Ben plans to continue learning the engineering systems aboard the Starbase and to conduct development work of his own, to benefit the fleet as a whole.

2389 was an exciting year for Ben Livingston. After graduating from Starfleet Academy (Engineering Major, Security and CommOps Minors), Livingston was unexpected posted as a Science Officer with Starbase 118 Operations. Approaching his role with an engineering background ended up giving him insight into the detection and removal of the “shadows” infesting the station upon his arrival. Following the mission, Livingston was posted as Assistant Chief Engineer for the Starbase. In that capacity, he familiarized himself with the systems and the engineering team prior to heading out to face the Klingon threat aboard Victory; due to Lt. Commander Breeman’s temporary absences, he was the ranking engineering officer for a brief time. Following their return to the Starbase, Livingston was promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade.