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((Captain’s Ready Room, Deck 1))

::There was never enough time in Greir’s opinion. One of these days he’d find the time to get all the things he wanted done in good time. After speaking with Kaitlyn about her previous recommendations he’d sat down to review the data once more before having a word with both the ship and station’s resident propulsion specialists. They had been very helpful and he’d been both relieved and grateful that they hadn’t dazzled him with engineering jargon. ::

::The net result was tweaks and minor improvements to speed and manoeuvrability. It maybe wasn’t anything flashy but they had optimised certain systems and acted on some of Kaitlyn’s most simple and basic requests, so Greir hoped it would make a noticeable difference to handling even if it wasn’t massive. ::

::He had recalled his crew and arranged a senior staff meeting in the conference room in three hours. He’d given a lot of serious thought to what he was going to do to fill gaps in his senior staff and the promotion recommendations he’d received. ::

::In the time before the meeting he re-read the message he’d received from Diego and the message he’d sent in reply. It was nice for Captain Hallam to get to stretch his legs and with Diego being a Fleet Captain now it made sense that he take over the running of the station. Managing the region was going to make more sense done from there and it was a huge responsibility. He was sure Diego was kicking back in his office even as he read this with his feet up on the table. ::

::The gift Greir had ordered for Diego had been collected and checked earlier in the day. It hadn’t disappointed. What did disappoint was the fact he hadn’t been able to get any face time with his best friend. It was very frustrating to him because he really didn’t want to lose touch with Diego and drift apart. He’d had few friends this close in his life and he wanted to keep things that way. He was sure Diego would like and appreciate the now very belated gift. It was a twist on the traditional photo. He could have got a mini holo-projection much cheaper and in some ways it was similar but this item had a few quirks of its own to make it stand out and Greir had been looking for something special that was a little different to the norm. ::

::Inside a beautiful, gleaming silver frame was a high quality, detailed representation of Diego and Greir together. The person responsible for this had analysed all the pics Greir had sent him and build realistic models of the two of them. When Diego looked at it he was going to think he was looking at a holorecording of the two of them together because the image moved. Greir and Diego could sometimes be seen laughing together on a beach with their bright shorts and shirts, or sat on a sofa with pizza and beers in hand. ::

:: It was meant to be a collection that represented the special bond and moments they shared together. There were many scenes and the dynamic program was meant to react to music. So if Diego was ever glum the picture would show a moment where Greir was there to comfort him. When he’d seen it he’d wished he’d bought two. ::

:: When the time came he moved himself and all of the little boxes he needed into the conference room. He still felt that this was one of the best perks of the job. ::

((Conference Room, Deck 1))

::Greir composed himself as he waited on everyone filing in and taking their seats. As his first officer entered and took up a seat next to him he gave the ex-engineer a polite nod. He’d been holding down the bridge and getting the ship and crew ready to depart. ::

Reinard: Hi, how are you doing?

Thomas: Response

Reinard: How’s it been on the bridge?

Thomas: Response

Reinard: Have we got everyone and everyone we’re supposed to have, ready to head off once again?

Thomas: Response

Reinard: Good news all round by the looks of it then. Care to help me with this lot again?

::He waved a hand at all the boxes. For many of the crew they would recognise what was about to come, the traditional rosewood boxes were a sure sign that someone was about to be promoted. Their last mission had been tough for many but they’d got through and no biodomes had failed in the process. That was something be still felt glad about and as the last of his officers sat down he was glad they were going to get some recognition for their efforts. ::

Reinard: Welcome back. I hope everyone had a pleasant shore leave. I could have used a couple more weeks of it myself but we get what we get. So here we are again. I’m glad to report that since things in the region have been more quiet and settled of late we’ll be heading out on a mission of exploration. I may even let you pick out heading this time Mr Thomas. ::With a grin::

::After all, the last time Greir had done this, they’d found the watery blue world of Asav. He didn’t think they’d find anything like that this time, however he didn’t want to push his luck. If they found something unfortunate this time then at least he could give his first officer a good ribbing about it. ::

Thomas: Response

Reinard: Or you may stumble upon a race of Androids.

Falcon: Response.

Reinard: In any case I am pleased to have a few announcements to make before we set out on that adventure. Ensigns Margariti and Manius and Lieutenant Corbin please join me up at the front.

::He waited for her to get up and join him at the head of the conference table, glancing at the assembled officers. A smile broke out on his face as he made the exciting announcement and passed the appropriate box to his first officer. ::

Reinard: Ensign Margariti, you may only have been with us for a short while but you’ve shown a great deal of promise already and worked hard to serve your patients and the mission. You’ve already made a name for yourself as one of the sunniest and likable members of the crew so it’s my great pleasure to promote you to Lieutenant Junior Grade with all the responsibilities and privileges what go with it. Congratulations Lieutenant, it’s well very deserved.

Thomas/Corbin: Responses

Manius: Congratulations!

Margariti: Response

::The other doctor could not be described as sunny by nature and it was amusing to have seen just how bewildered he looked as he’d stood up and joined them. He’d served as an Ensign a lot longer and Greir knew of his work from the Vigilant too as they’d served together and he’d read back to refresh his memory. Dr Corbin had put in a recommendation for this officer and it was clear that he knew his stuff. He’d worked on some very difficult and also high priority patients. He wasn’t sure why the officer had gone under the radar so long but he was certainly pulling his weight and worthy of promotion so Greir had supported that recommendation. ::

Reinard: Ensign Manius, you’ve shown yourself to be highly knowledgeable and dedicated. You even stepped out of your comfort zone when asked to take on an unusual task for your crew. For this and more your work is appreciated and recognised by your colleagues, myself and StarFleet Command. Congratulations, you are promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade with all the responsibilities and privileges what go with it.

Thomas: Response

Margariti/Corbin: Responses

Manius: Thank you very much!

::Last but not least, Dr Corbin had been with him since the Darwin had launched six months ago now. How time had flown. He’d come in as an Ensign and worked tirelessly, showing himself to be a great all-rounder. He was a highly capable and likable doctor, a talented researcher and promising leader. Greir was very happy to give his career a further boost! ::

Reinard: Doctor Corbin, first of all I’d like to say thank you very much for stepping up in the absence of a chief medical officer. You’ve done a great job at keeping everything running smoothly and you’ve coordinated your team exceptionally well.

Corbin: Response

Reinard: It’s for that reason that I would like to offer you the position of Chief Medical Officer from this point forward.

Corbin: Response

Thomas: Response

Reinard: With a big grin:: That’s not all. You’ve put a lot of your own free time into caring for the crew, conducting countless physicals over shore leave, right on the back of a mission in which you led your team to success in developing solutions that would have a lasting impact on the Asavii people. It helped them directly and helped our diplomatic efforts by demonstrating exactly what sort of people we are. I am proud to promote you to the rank of Lieutenant with all the responsibilities and privileges what go with it. Congratulations!

Manius: Congratulations sir!

Margariti/Thomas: Responses

Thomas: Response

::He ushered them all back to their seats with a wave of the hand and a warm smile. ::

Reinard: Congratulations to you all. The medical department have really been pulling out all of the stops lately, well done and long may it last.

::With the promotions taken care of he moved on to the next part of the ceremony, trying to decide which order he wanted to do things in. He moved a trio of boxes towards KT and carried on with his next announcement. ::

Reinard: On arrival to planet Asav we found the inhabitants of Biodome 2 to be hostile. They had nearly destroyed one of our smaller vessels and it was extremely fortunate that we arrived when we did. Through hard work our diplomatic efforts paid off and we were able to complete what the valorous had been sent to do – to build upon relations as they had been established after first contact. Starfleet Command wishes to recognise Commanders K Brice, Thomas, James, E Brice, Lieutenant Chen and myself with the Diplomacy Ribbon.

E Brice/Thomas /James: Response(s)

K Brice/Chen: Response(s)

::The next group of people had distinguished themselves very well with the medical research they’d done. He hadn’t sent them to do it but they’d seen a need and rather than walk past, which would have been the easy thing to do, they’d stopped, rolled up their sleeves and done a whole heck of a lot of good. ::

Reinard: Starfleet Officers don’t see a problem and look the other way. A number of officers here showed that back on Asav when they stopped in the tracks on a tour to help the locals develop a solution to a serious problem that was seriously affecting their respiratory health. Lieutenants Matthews, Corbin and Margariti, you are awarded the medical science ribbon, congratulations.

Corbin/Matthews/Margariti: Responses

Thomas: Response

Reinard: I also have a ribbon here for Ensign Kellan, please can you ensure he receives it Mister Matthews?

Matthews: Response

Reinard: Thanks

::Moving on there was one last award to give out to a small group of people who had taken on a dangerous and unusual task. This was going beyond the call of duty as far as he was concerned because he would not have expected the trio to be able to pilot an alien attack vessel much less take it out right into a combat situation. They had done so and succeeded in driving off the attacking force while avoiding casualties. A better outcome could not have been hoped for. ::

Reinard: Finally I am proud to award the Silver Star to Lieutenants Falcon and Manius as well as Ensign Stavins for the great courage and supreme dedication they showed in taking on the difficult task of piloting alien attack vessels in order to protect the rest of the crew and biodome from the outside threat.

Manius: ::Beaming:: Thank you very much!

Stavins/Falcon: Responses

Thomas: Response

::Greir really was incredibly proud of his crew. All of the awards were very well deserved and he really enjoyed seeing people being recognised for their contributions. He just had a final parting thought before they all got under-way. ::

Reinard: How much your efforts have contributed to this ship’s success is immeasurable, but if we had gold pressed Latinum we could melt it down, coat the ship’s hull in it and still have enough for all of us to retire on. So thank you for everything you’ve done and everything you do for us.

Anyone: Response

Thomas: Response

::Now that he was finished with the meeting he stood up and held his hand out towards the door. ::

Reinard: Thank you very much for your time. Please assume your normal duty stations and let’s get out there. Mister Thomas pick a direction and let’s go! ::Cheerfully::

Thomas: Response


Captain Greir Reinard

Commanding Officer

USS Darwin-A

Cadet Steward: UFOP: SB118 Academy