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We all get lost from time to time, that’s alright. We have ways to help! We split this part in sections to help you more easily find the assistance you need!

I just joined the ship and don’t know how to start!

After you joined the Conny, you have received welcome mails from your Commanding Officer and your First Officer. In those you are introduced to the following pieces of information:

CO Welcome:

  • Lists and google group links
  • The Constitution Website and your bio
  • Your Writer’s ID
  • Your position and fellow Player Characters and PNPCs in your department
  • Where to go to receive a character picture.
  • Contact information of all Staff members

FO Welcome:

  • The current situation in the story of the Conny
  • How to come on board
  • Who to report to
  • You will also receive a mail from our FO to introduce you to your mentor on board.

Lost in the plot

If you are lost in the plot or simply can’t get into it, talk with us. You can ask another member of the crew to leave you tags, we are always eager for interaction. The Conny crew contains writers who often enjoy writing for PNPC's (Personal Non-Player Characters), which means that someone, somewhere, will be able to interact with your character. All you have to do is ask!

Other Sources

I need further information about the ship, Species, Tech, Medical terms, Starfleet History, Planets, my department etc.

The Starbase 118 Fleet Wiki: Every character has a page as does every installation, team, taskforce, or group that is involved in the Fleet. You can find a lot of information on both Trek and the members and workings of the fleet by searching our Wiki site.

Alpha: The know-all and end-all of all things Trek. This site is invaluable when you are looking for anything that is considered canon in the Trek universe.

Main Starbase 118 Website: There is plenty of information to be found on the main site for the Fleet. Some of this includes fleet specific information, such as our rank and promotion guide, while other information and articles are based on Trek, Science, and what's going on 'OOC' in the realm of Trek and the franchise as a whole.

We never want you to feel left out. So if you still feel lost you can join us in Discord chat and ask your fellow crew mates, or email / Discord message your Staff members. Someone will always be able to help, and if we don’t know the answer, we’ll find it for you.