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Mars Shuttle Craft Development
Commander Perry Martin Hunt


  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Project Manager
  • Station: Mars Station Plant 12-1-A
  • Rank: Commander
  • Race: Human

  • DOB:’’’ 232803.11
  • Age:’’’ 62
  • Height: 5’11’’
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Brown and Grey
  • Birthplace: Earth's Moon
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Commander Perry Martin Hunt, Program Manager for Shuttle Craft Development at Mars Plant 12-1-A

Perry Martin Hunt was born on Earths Moon Tranquility Base City. Martins parents were coffee bean farmers. They owned the larges underground farm on the moon. The farm had been pasted down from one generation to the next. It was one of the first settlements on the moon. It use to grow all types of vegetation for the science research team that was stationed above it. Due to its age, things were breaking all the time. Martins Father James Hunt, would take him all over the farm to fix things. It was there that Martin found his love for Engineering.

Martin Went to M.I.T. graduated with a BS in Engineering. After school he worked with his four brothers at his parents farm. After a few years he found the work lacking and wanted more in life than fixing leaky pipes and broken Equipment.

Martin entered Star Fleet Academy under a Engineering major. In his 3rd year at the Academy he meet the most beautiful woman in the world, his wife Helaina Davenport. After a few dates, Martin Proposed to her at his parents farm by putting an engenderment ring in a can of coffee beans and giving them to her as a gift.

After Graduation Martin was station at Utopia Ship Yards and lived on earth with his wife in the Greek Islands.

Martin was promoted to Lt. JG and Transferred to the moon as a Atmospheric dome Engineer. He and his wife got a Apartment close to his parents farm. When his wife was transferred to the USS Charleston, Martin put in for the open Asst. Chief of Engineering on the Charleston. He transferred to the Charleston and was promoted to Lieutenant. After a year of service the Chief of Engineering was killed in EPS power overload and Martin was made Chief of Engineering.

When Helaina was transferred to the Hood, there were know opening of Engineering so she took the Kids and Martin Transferred the USS Firefox as chief of Engineering and promoted to Lt. Commander.

When his wife’s ship turned up missing, Martin became obsessed with finding he. He converted his quarters into a war-room of maps and PADDS all his free time when into tracking where they may be. When he found them, he organized a rescue task force.

After Finding the crew of 12 star ships, Martin was promoted to Commander, he stayed on the Charleston until the end of the war. He than transferred to Mars to take over the Shuttle Craft Development as it Chief Project Manager.