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A Sim by Alex Blair

((Holding Cell, Commonwealth Ship))

Still unable to move, Alex looked around the room as much as he could and then looked at the two other Starfleet Officers that were with him.::

Blair: So we have no idea where we are or who has kidnapped us. Any ideas on how to get out of here?

As soon as Alex finished speaking, the doors opened and a large cart was rolled into the room. Looking at the cart, Alex saw what he assumed was medical gear on it. A second later, a laser needle hit all three officers in their heads drilling into their brains. While he was normally able to take pain, the drilling caused such an intense pain that Alex almost immediately passed out.::


Alex awoke to a very irritating sound. As he stirred in bed, Alex realized two things, the sound was a baby crying and that someone was next to him. Undeterred, Alex pulled himself out of the bed.::

Blair: Go back to sleep Katie, I’ll see take care of him.

Alex watched as his beautiful wife rolled over and immediately fell asleep. Smiling, Alex left the room and headed down the hall to his infant son’s nursery. Entering the room, Alex found the nine month old baby stirring in his bed crying. Alex quickly stepped to the bed and picked up the baby.::

Blair: It’s okay David, daddy’s here.

Upon being picked up, David quit crying and Alex began their normal early morning routine consisting of diaper changing, feeding, and playing. Before long, Alex looked at a nearby clock and saw it was 6am. Alex grabbed David from the play mat on the floor and headed for his own room where he was greeted by his wife who was ready to take the infant.::

Blair: Good morning beautiful.

As he greeted his wife, Alex simultaneously handed her the baby and kissed her.::

Katie: Good morning. How are the world’s two most handsome men this morning?

Blair: ::smiling:: We are better now that we are in your company.

As his wife and son left the room, Alex began preparing for his day. After a quick shower, Alex donned his favorite black suit and vest with a grey tie and shirt to match. Once he was dressed Alex again looked at the clock and realized he was going to be late. Having decided to skip breakfast, Alex stopped in the kitchen where he found his family.::

Blair: Well, I’m running late. You two have a great day!

Alex gave his son a gentle kiss on the forehead and then a very intimate kiss to his wife.::

Blair: I’ll see you two tonight.

After grabbing his keys and portfolio, Alex stepped out the front door. He quickly noticed the bright sunny sky as he headed for the black Cadillac CTS in his driveway.::

oO It’s going to be beautiful today, maybe I’ll find some reason to leave the office early. Oo

As he unlocked the doors to his car, Alex heard some calling from next door.::

West: Good morning Alex. How are you today?

Smiling at his good friend and neighbor, Alex stopped in his tracks.::

oO Ian doesn’t normally leave this early, what’s he up to? Oo

Blair: Good morning Ian, I’m great. ::pause:: Why are you leaving so early? You don’t normally go into the office until later.

West: Great, I am on my way to a city breakfast to meet with the new Police Chief.

Blair: Oh, that’s right. I had forgotten we had a new Chief. What was his name again?

West: Chief Sam Braddock, I think he is from lower state, but not sure. Anyway can you stop by my office around 3, the council should have approved the new upgrades to the city parks and I can get you to sign off on them then.

Blair: Sounds good, I’ll see you at 3. ::Alex began getting into his car again, when another thought hit him:: Ian don’t forget about the barbeque tonight. Katie wants to make sure that everyone comes since we missed my birthday Saturday night.


Blair: Yeah, she started preparing everything last night. She wants to start around 6 so don’t be late, you know how she is, if you’re not 15 minutes early you’re late. ::pause:: And why you invite the new Police Chief, it would be nice to meet him.


Blair: Sounds good, I’ll see you at 3.

With the plans set, Alex got into his car and set the auto navigation to drive him to his office.

Alex Blair
City Director of Engineering and Planning
(June 6th 2022)