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  Dr. Armond Anders, Owner of Paradise Point Resort
Baylen and his Dad always got along smartly. Armond is charming and very funny and a loving father and husband. Baylen was spoiled as a younger child and as he got older he was given more and more responsibility in the family business. Armond was upset that Baylen chose to enter Star Fleet, but he fully supported him in his chooses.

  Dr. Alia Anders, Co-Owner of Paradise Point Resort
Baylen and his mother was a very special relationship, she was always more hard on Baylen than she was on his older brother Mekial. She was very loving but she demanded only the best from Baylen. She always said that she expected great things for him. Baylen was her baby and she only wanted the best for him. She lived a life of Service and it was her talks and ideas that lead Baylen to finally deciding to Join Star Fleet, and not be in Service for the rest of his life waiting on others.

  Mekial Anders, General Manager Paradise Point Resort
Baylen and his brother were not very close as kids, Mekial was kinda mean to Baylen, he use to lock Baylen in his closet or leave him at places. It was not till Baylen turned 18 and saved his Brother by donating kidney to Mikial and saving his life after Mekial was diagnosed with a very rare kidney failure that could not be treated with medications or a kidney be replicated. After that Mikial and Baylen became very close.

  Lt. Theo Whittaker
Coworker and Cruch
Baylen meet Theo on the Bridge of the USS Albion, he saw Theo surrounded by a bright white light, he thought it was Theo's Ora but then noticed he was standing in front of light bar. He was able to get to know a little about Theo on a turbolift ride down to Engineering. Later that day Baylen and Theo tried to disarm a torpedo but could not. Both thought they were going to die but it turns out the torpedo was a dud. A few moments later Baylen found Theo laying on top of him with a Green Plasma Fire burning overhead. Theo saved both of there lifes, but in a way it was a little erotic to Baylen, it had fallen into a fantasy he once had. He could not help but flirt with the beautiful engineer while he was laying on top of him the torpedo tube. The two had to crawl through a loading equipment trunk to get out. Theo Treated Baylen burnt hands with a lot of care and compassion before the two had a ten deck climb back up to the bridge. Theo even flirted back a few times. The two of them even worked together later that day in the Deflector Control room. The Empathetic part of Baylen could pick up on a few feelings coming from Theo that really sent sparks through his body. Once they returned to the Star Base they meet up from Drinks at Keal's Pub. He even shared a special Risen Spirits with Theo, the first person he has ever done that with. Baylen really looks forward to getting to know Theo better and building a friendship.

  Lt. Commander Ian Lane West
Close Friend
Baylen and Ian became instant friends. They went on a few dates and had a lot of fun. But they soon find that they where being transferred to different ships. They parted but stayed in contact over subspace. They became the best of friends. When Baylen found out that he was serve under First Officer Ian West of the USS Atlantis he was very happy. Shortly after Ian went to Star Base 118. A year Later once the Atlantis went into Dry Dock Baylen was sent to 118 Operations as the Chief Admin. Happy to restart his and Ian's friendship in person again.

  Lt. Commander Alex Blair
Close Friend
Baylen and Alex meet while Baylen was TDY on the USS Tiger-A he was very impressed with the ship Chief Engineer, He learned a lot about engineering from the Commander while they where trapped on an enemy ship after they where hijacked. Baylen helped to treat a head wound on Alex, the two where trapped for a month in a small holding cell. After they finally got out of the cell they made it to the shuttle bay and got there shuttle and made no hast at leaving. One reason was Alex overloaded there computers and warp core. The two became very close from then on out.

  Lt. Commander Rendal Rennyn
Baylen and Ren meet on Deep Space 24, while the USS Atlantis was docked there. For shore leave the crew gathered in a large holodeck and for a 3 ring circus event. There where many games outside the tent, this where Baylen and Ren meet, outside the kissing both. The two chatted and talked along with Dr. Wyn, looking for Fried Lizard on a Stick. After the main events started they all sat together on the front row middle ring. A few moments after the entertainment started all hell broke out across the holodeck as it turned into a Grims Fairy Tale event full of horror around every turn.

  Lt. Commander James L. Thorn, Commanding Officer USS Tribal
Close Friend
Baylen and James went through the Academy together. They were close from the start, They meet in the study hall, James was having a hard time with Advanced Math and Baylen was having a hard time with a Law class. The two helped each other pass there courses. A few years later they ended up being stationed together on the outpost. James was the Flight Control Officer, There friendship grew stronger and served a drunken night messing around and kissing. They chose to be just friends. Baylen did not want to fall for James and go through what he went through with Ben if James got transferred, and he was transferred two months later to the USS Kongo as the Ships First Officer. James and Baylen still right to one another and James is close to both of Baylen's Parents, they kinda took him in as there own while he was in the Academy when he lost his father, his mother died given birth to him.

  Lt. JG Antero Flynn
Childhood Best Friend
Baylen and Antero's Parents were very close friends so they got to grow up together and became very good friends in the childhood and in the teen years they became best friends. At an early age they would sit in the living room floor of one of there parents home and watch Risian Holo-Cartoons in there Underoos, during sleep overs. Later as they grew up they took up surfing lessons together and found a love for endless days of surfing, and playing in the Ocean. Many days spent scuba diving and exploring underwater treasurers and caves. They had many days as beach bums sitting on the beach waxing the surfboard and drinking little mixed drinks and listening to music. They also loved going Rock Climbing on some of the cliffs and mountains, then once at the top, camping out and then base jumping back to beaches. They tried to stay in contact once Baylen went to Earth with his Family but finally lost contact.

  Lt. JG Cadfael Peters
Coworker and slight crush
Baylen meet Cadfael at Kaels Pub, along with the Stations Intel Officer. He was stuck with man, but was a put off by the rudeness that Cadfael shown to him and his profession. He later learned that Cadfael was on strong pain killers that night. So Baylen asked the Engineering Officer later in the week out on a date to try and fix a first impression. Peters said yes.

  Captain Raj Blueheart
Friend and former Romantic Interest
Baylen Meet Raj when he transferred to the USS Atlantis. Raj was is great pain with his leg and Baylen Set up a massage table and help work the pain out the Captains leg. They Kissed a few times in the turbo lift while no one was around. It was nice. Baylen felt like a kid again slipping around the ship and hiding out of sight with the Captain, and Making out. Baylen started feeling very odd and out of place having a romantic interest with the Ships Commanding Officer. After a talk with Raj, Baylen pulled back and the two agreed to be just good friends.

Lt. Commander Baylen Anders