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Hello! My name is Lich and I write for Gnai on board the USS Artemis-A.


  • Name: Lich
  • Joined Starbase 118: 240102.27 (Feb 27, 2024)
  • Training Cruise: 240102.19 (Feb 19, 2024)

Ships of the Line

USS ArtemisA-logo.png Luna-scale.png
USS Artemis-ALuna class

Player Characters

Main Character/s
Insignia Rank Character Name Vessel Current Post Status
PICstyle-ens blue.png
Ensign Gnai USS Artemis-A Science Officer Active

OOC Activities/Info

Writer for Gnai, a Galadoran serving aboard the USS Artemis-A.

I go by Lich (yes, like the type of undead wizard, it's what I go by online and it's a long story!) and you can use whatever pronouns you want to when referring to me.

I'm 22, and I'm currently a student at university. I've been a huge fan of Star Trek all my life (as well as Star Wars and all other sorts of science fiction - I'm a huge fan of written science fiction and I've got a TBR of ~200 books at the moment... NOT including Star Trek Beta canon or Star Wars Expanded Universe novels). Currently getting introduced to Babylon 5 by a friend and loving it.

Send me music, send me things to sort/categorize, etc! I love having Tasks To Do and Things To Listen To.