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Divisions and Personnel Assignments

Roles currently in high demand

  • Counselor: 3 open positions
  • Diplomacy: 4 open positions (experienced players only)
  • Helm: 3 open positions
  • Marines: 3 open positions (experienced players only)
  • Medical: 4 open positions
  • Science: 4 open positions

If you choose one of the duty posts above, you will almost definitely receive your posting of choice, on the type of installation you prefer (ship, or base) that's closely aligned with your simming preferences.

Roles at, or near capacity

  • Com/Ops: 0 open position
  • Engineering: 1 open position
  • Intelligence: 0 open positions
  • Security: 0 open positions
  • Tactical: 1 open position

While we will always try and find you a place in your first choice duty post, if you see your requested duty post in this column, it means that we may not be able to place you in an optimal position. You may end up as the second or third player in that role, you may have to accept a role on a type of installation you don't prefer (being placed on a starbase when you wanted a ship), or we may need to place you in your second choice duty post.

Last revised: 2024-05-20

What roles can I choose from?

As a new ensign, you can choose to play an officer in any of these roles:

There are also these alternative roles available which are not listed above and are usually available on almost every ship:

Players who have attained at least the rank of Lieutenant JG are eligible for roles in these departments:

What if I don't know anything about the roles in high demand?

Remember, none of our writers really knows anything about what the characters learned at Starfleet Academy. So even someone terrible with math can still play an engineer with aplomb! The Duty Posts area on our wiki has detailed simming guides that can help give you ideas for getting started with any role, and lots of resources to help make you seem like you were born to play the role you end up in.

Before finishing your Fleet Placement Questionnaire, take a look around that Duty Posts area to learn more about some roles you may not have considered, and see if any might be a fit for you and your character.

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