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The (now retired) Reporter contained a lot of important information. Major group news was published in the letter, along with any major group events. The Reporter also listed all promotions that have occurred in the past month, to honor those officers who had performed well. Each month there was also a section that contains plot summaries from each vessel, so every member knew what has been happening on each active ship in the fleet. Our monthly interview spotlighted a randomly chosen character and discussed their career. Finally, the Reporter sometimes also contained any articles, stories, questions or other materials that were submitted by members.

Reporter Editors

A number of people throughout the history of UFOP have taken responsibility for the Reporter. They are as follows:

  • Tracey Townson (Issue 43, 44)
  • Tristan Wolf (Issue 42)
  • Hollis Calley (Issues 40, 41)
  • Ciara Randor (Issues 37-39)
  • Lang Vedoc (Issue 35, 36)
  • Kren Tekra (Issue 34)
  • Leigha Jacobs (Issues 28-33)
  • Shaun Marlin (Issues 21-27)
  • Elinor of Kanist (Issues 1-20)

Current Status

The Reporter was retired due to the cumbersome amount of work that it required to get it online. It was often difficult to find materials to fill the issues, and a number of people were usually needed to bring it together. In lieu of the Reporter, the sleeker and slightly more spartan Tactical Data Report brought the most important information to the fleet. With the advent of the "new" website, a news area supplants the Reporter's feature articles, by allowing new articles to be posted whenever they are written -- instead of only when the Reporter was issued.

Nonetheless, you will find a great deal of information on the history of UFOP in this archive.


This section contains an online version of every Reporter back-issue, all the way back to Issue 1, which was published in June 1996. These online issues are edited slightly to remove any sensitive information (e.g.- members e-mail addresses, etc.), and to update any old format stardates with the new UFOP stardate system which was introduced in January 2000.

To view an issue, click on its issue number. Any ranks mentioned in the table below, or within a Reporter issue are the ranks of the officer at the time of issue of that particular edition, and may have since changed.

Issue Issue Date Editor Interviewee
#44 238802.28 Lt. Commander Tracey Townson Marine Captain Miles Unum
#43 238707.21 Lieutenant j.g. Tracey Townson Lt. Commander Della Vetri
#42 238002.22 Fleet Admiral Tristan Wolf No Interview
#41 237906.04 Fleet Captain Hollis Calley Capt. Mike James
#40 237902.02 Fleet Captain Hollis Calley Capt. Xan Hebron
#39 237708.15 Rear Admiral Ciara Randor Lt. Jade Xavier
#38 237707.16 Rear Admiral Ciara Randor Capt. Valarious McGregor
#37 237706.15 Rear Admiral Ciara Randor Ensign Tormont 154
#36 Unreleased Captain Lang Vedoc No Interview
#35 237702.04 Captain Lang Vedoc No Interview
#34 237611.10 Ambassador Kren Tekra U.E.C. Close-up
#33 237608.03 Commander Leigha Jacobs Lt. JG Ozurid Degoth
#31 237605.07 Commander Leigha Jacobs Lt. Niko Azarro
#30 237604.03 Commander Leigha Jacobs Cmdr. Jasen Rendary
#29 237603.02 Commander Leigha Jacobs Lt. Cmdr. Prior
#28 237602.02 Commander Leigha Jacobs Capt. San Aquiss
#27 237601.20 Commodore Shaun Marlin No Interview
#26 237510.31 Captain Shaun Marlin Cmdr. Nathan Quinn
#25 237509.30 Captain Shaun Marlin Lt. Cmdr. L-7
#24 237508.31 Captain Shaun Marlin Fleet Captain Elinor
#23 237507.31 Captain Shaun Marlin Lt. Leigha Jacobs
#22 237506.30 Commander Shaun Marlin Ensign Shauli
#21 237505.20 Commander Shaun Marlin Cmdr. Shaun Marlin
#20 237504.20 Fleet Captain Elinor Acting-Ensign TR
#19 237503.20 Fleet Captain Elinor Lt. Cmdr. Daen Ceinwen
#18 237502.20 Fleet Captain Elinor Lt. Jo'eb T'an
#17 237501.20 Fleet Captain Elinor Lt. Katrina Ta'el
#16 237412.20 Fleet Captain Elinor Lt. Skyfire
#15 237411.20 Fleet Captain Elinor Lt. Deporey
#14 237410.20 Fleet Captain Elinor Lt. Vinh-Nein Nguyen
#13 237406.20 Fleet Captain Elinor Ensign Maela Jolon
#12 237405.20 Fleet Captain Elinor Lt. Cmdr. Alexander Wilkens
#11 237404.20 Fleet Captain Elinor Lt. Sally Strange
#10 237303.20 Fleet Captain Elinor Lt. JG Andrew Convay
#9 237402.20 Fleet Captain Elinor Ensign Brian Reimiller
#8 237401.20 Fleet Captain Elinor Cmdr. Jeff Pelletier
#7 237312.18 Fleet Captain Elinor Lt. Cmdr. Va'al
#6 237311.20 Fleet Captain Elinor Lt. Callium Treetus
#5 237310.20 Fleet Captain Elinor Lt. JG Sheena Jo-Hanson
#4 237309.20 Fleet Captain Elinor Lt. Cmdr. Gaius Aldus
#3 237308.20 Fleet Captain Elinor Ensign Togal Pilcher
#2 237307.20 Fleet Captain Elinor Ensign Galen Jennings
#1 237306.20 Fleet Captain Elinor Lt. Cmdr. Alis Hege


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