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Species Guild
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The Species Guild is here to help members as they write for all species. To help guide and promote mutual development as much as to help get into the head of another species. Even those who seem very fleshed out already still have a great deal of growth, that all members can add too.

Knowing and learning a species goes a tremendous way in writing for one. Here you will find everything from; species listings to other guilds, “how to’s” to “close-up articles on a variety of species.

How To's

There’s a lot that goes into writing for another species beyond their appearance and names. Things like behaviors, attitudes, and quirks are just a few things. Sure they are subjected to change here and there to create your individual character, but they do need to stay within the realm of reason and possibility.

Each species has their own customs. Ferengi have their rules of acquisition while Vulcan suppress their emotions through countless years of training and practice. When writing for a character, it is important to incorporate some of these. Not all may apply, such as raised by foster parents or hybrid parents. But some will, which will go a long way to fleshing out the species of your character.

Species Saying

Very nearly all species have a unique quote or saying. One that comes close to summing up their personalities, while creating an air of individuality and mystery. They also might pique your interest as well! And that’s half the fun.

  • May we help? We can help. Pelian saying
  • I'm sure we can come to some kind of arrangement. We have plenty of felicium for sale. Brekkian greeting.

Species Close-Up

To help get an in depth insight into some of the many species available to be played, articles have been written with close-ups. These articles are filled with details and summaries that might help in deciding that next primary character or a PNPC later on. Half the fun is getting to become a new character, new species, new person.

  • Benzites An interesting, blue skinned species, that depends on a breathing apparatus. Benzite are also one of the genetically engineered species.
  • Laudeans What is most fascinating about the Laudean beyond their exotic colors that runs the base of their hairline and across their foreheads, is that this species is a non-canon species. Meaning members here created this unique species.
  • Ferengi Four lobed brain, bald and big ears. Ferengi are known for their drive for fortunes, but is that all there is to them?

And many more to check out! Visit the sidebar link, Species Close-Ups

Useful Tidbits

Throughout the forums and Wiki pages, you’ll find a great deal of interesting information on different species. Here are few extra bits that might prove fruitful when researching around and trying to add more about the species you’re writing for.

Hybrid Questions

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