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StarBase 118
Trojan-class SB118

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The StarBase 118 Development project is for those members of our community who would like to help develop our "home base."

Related Yahoo! Group and Forum

If you would like to participate in this project, please subscribe to the related Yahoo! Group or visit us on the forums.

Project Scope

This project covers all pages relating to the actual structure, inhabitants, crew, and non-"active status" vessels of StarBase 118.

Project Facilitator

This project is facilitated by Fleet Admiral Wolf and Commander David Cody.

Aims and Goals

This project is intended to develop more fully the information on our wiki regarding StarBase 118. Due to the fact that spacedocks have generally not been well document in Trek canon, it is necessary for members of our community to create their own information about these huge structures.

Goal List

  1. Deck Layout: complete an appropriate deck layout that is formatted with the reader in mind. It should be easy to use, but complete as well.
  2. Describe Sections: each section of the base should be fully described beyond just the deck layout. (See StarBase 118 Habitat Areas for an example.)
  3. Assigned Ships: complete a list of assigned vessels which are not "playing character" vessels. These would include any support ships that the base commands (USS Phoenix-C, USS Arrow, etc.), as well as fighters, maintenance vessels, etc.
  4. Develop Information: all information currently available should be developed to the fullest extent possible, and also make clearer for the reader.

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