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Species Development Committee

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Welcome to the home of the Species Development Committee, also known as the SDC.

What does the SDC do?

We are responsible for the creation of new species and their wiki pages as well as updating all of the old species wiki pages.

SDC Mandate

The SDC is dedicated to the over all improvement and development of every species entry on our own SB118 wiki. This is for a few reasons.

  • First so as to provide our players with the best resource available when picking a species to play or use in a sim.
  • Next so that all new species created by this community can be preserved for future use.
  • So that new ideas and concepts created during a simming adventure are saved and preserved for future use on the correct species wiki page.

In this way we hope that with time our species will grow and develop into complex and fully realized races with histories, customs, backgrounds in such a way as to make them individuals like the more recognized and established races we all know and love such as Klingons, Cardassians, Vulcans, Romulans, Andorians and Bajorans just to name a few.

Updating old species wiki pages

Currently the SDC is busy rewriting most of the species entries on the Intelligent Lifeform Index.

In order to update the old pages we transfer all of the info over onto a universal template that we use for each and every species. This makes it easier for people to find specific information regarding multiple different species faster and easier. We then do a rewrite to better fit the info into each section, doing a search for any new info that may need to be added.

Once the page has been completed it is then submitted to the team (SDC) for review. This review is a process where every active member of the SDC takes a look at the page looking for spelling mistakes, grammar errors and logic mistakes. Then they can make any comments or suggestions they feel need to be brought to the attention of the rest of the team. (SDC)

If the wiki page does not require any tweaking, modification or rewrites the members then vote, having their vote recorded. At this time if the vote is a yes the "Under Construction" banner is removed and the date that the page was passed, basically considered finished and available for use by all members of the Starbase 118 universe is recorded.

New Species

We are constantly discovering and inventing new species during missions, as ideas and for personal use as characters.

We want to save and preserve these original new concepts as both a part of our ongoing history but also as a source for other players to use and continue to develop. In order to do this the SDC collects as much info from the original creative source which is usually a ship and its crew but could also be a single player.

Once we have collected all of the information available the SDC will make up a proposal which is then submitted to the Captains Council (CC) for consideration. The CC will then review it and determine if the species is permitted, forbidden or restricted for use. They will make any suggestions and ask questions of the SDC that need to be clarified before they can or will approve the species for permanent addition as a part of our Starbase 118 wiki. Once the CC has approved of the species a wiki page will be developed for that species by the SDC.

At this time all of the information gatherd will be placed onto the universal species template that we use for each and every species. Once the page has been completed it is then submitted to the team (SDC) for review. This review is a process where every active member of the SDC takes a look at the page looking for spelling mistakes, grammar errors and logic mistakes.

Want to join?

Just joined UFOP: SB118, and want to help out? You've come to the right place! You must be a full Ensign before you can be a part of a team and all we require is an interest in the various species found in the Star Trek universe.

If you meet our requirements and want to join then just head to the Species Development Committee Google! Group and request membership. Someone will contact you within a few days and help process your membership request.

As a member of the SDC team you will work together to help make each and every single completed species wiki page the best it possibly can be. All the members of the SDC are available to assist with creative feedback, suggestions or advice.

Species Projects

While all members of the SDC are expected to assist in the regular review and voting process that is conducted with each and every completed wiki page, some members can if they have the time apply to assist with one of the following projects:

  • 1) Adding new data that has been created by players during their simming adventures
  • 2) Expanding and rewriting old species entries
  • 3) The creation of brand new species
  • 4) Researching the internet for data regarding various species

Process for Creating Species Entries

All species entries on our own SB118 wiki follow the same process regardless of origin.

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