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Species Development Committee

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The Species Development Committee was responsible for building the Intelligent Lifeform Index, a complete listing of all species mentioned or shown in the television show or movies, and ensuring that the page for each species contained all the available canon information. Having completed its original mandate, this task force is now retired and inactive.

SDC Mandate

The SDC was dedicated to the overall improvement of every species entry on our own SB118 wiki, with the following goals:

  • To provide our players with the best resource available when picking a species to play or use in a sim.
  • That all new species created by this community can be preserved for future use.
  • That new ideas and concepts created during a simming adventure are saved and preserved for future use on the correct species wiki page.

Want to help?

While the SDC is no longer active, anyone interested in updating and maintaining species wiki pages on the Intelligent Lifeform Index -- or any other wiki pages -- are invited to consider joining the 118Wiki:Operations team.

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