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The Newsletter Team creates a weekly newsletter for the fleet, with quick reference information about what's happening. Team members can reference the information below on how to create a newsletter.


Newsletters should be sent out once a week on Friday, whenever possible.

Content and Sources

Each newsletter should contain the following:

  1. Fleet events
    • These should be listed with the events happening soonest at the top
    1. Poll of the Week
    2. Caption Competition
    3. Next Fleetwide Chat
    4. Featured Bio Contest
    5. Top Sims Contest: remaining time for each round, etc.
    6. Writing Challenge: remaining time for each round, last winner, etc.
    7. Upcoming special events
  2. Community News
    • This is an index of the past week's articles with the titles and links to each. Most recent first.
  3. Full text articles
    • Full text of each article with the title and date. Most recent first.
    • List taken from:
    • Copy list from the location and "Keep Text Only" - remove +0000
    • Copy News Titles
    • From that page open titles into new windows and make short links for the Newsletter
    • Copy full articles instead of shortened ones (add links for those in articles)


Short links


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