USS Drake Mission Archive

The following is a compilation of mission summaries from both current and prior commanding officers of the USS Drake:

2390 Missions

Under the Black Flag

Mission Proposal

PROPOSED BY: Lieutenant Commander Oliver Weston & Lieutenant Colonel David Whale

DATE: 27 May 2013

BASIC IDEA: The crew of the Drake is assigned to investigate increasingly bold and deadly attacks by pirates in and around the nebula known as The Vale of Saoirse (SEER-sha). The Vale, which also includes a seven-planet star system, is located in the Epsilon Sector (specifically the Arucanis Arm of the Epsilon Sector) and has for decades been a hub for enterprises of questionable legality and individuals of flexible morality. Somewhere within the Vale lies the home base of a pirate organization that has been preying upon anyone and everyone, depending on their mood. Precious little is known about the pirates, as they Vale is outside Federation space. Despite their base of operations being outside the Federation, these pirates have become increasingly active inside Federation borders and their attacks have become ever more brutal. The pirates have become such a power in the Vale that have driven out the Orion Syndicates.

Shore Leave239006

Heroes of Ishkaria


The outbreak of hostilities between the Klingons and the remnants of the Romulan Empire has added urgency to the crew’s mission to reactivate an ancient Ishakarian sensor array. Once activated the sensor array will give the Federation valuable intelligence on fleet movements in the area. Little is known of their destination beyond the name “Gate Way Station,” a non-aligned space station last visited by Captain Pike of the USS Enterprise over 150 years ago. The station is surrounded by a dangerous sub space “moat” that only allows for one narrow entrance. Sending two away teams to the station to locate and activate the beacon the USS Drake NCC 1987 begins communication with the inhabitants of the station when they are attacked by a Klingon battle cruiser.

2389 Missions

"Shore Leave: Ishkarian Shard Worlds" (Stardate 238907.25)

The mission to the former Jetkim republic was concluded successfully with the announcement of the new government’s intention to hold open and free elections. Leaving the support of the fledgling democracy to the Diplomatic Service the crew of the USS Drake 1987 head off to their next mission and a spot of shore leave.

On route Cmdr Rogers holds a promotion and awards ceremony where the CMO Dantin Vex is promoted to full Lieutenant and the entire crew is awarded the Peacekeepers Service Ribbon in recognition of their outstanding effort in the Jetkim Imperium.

"Dissolution" (Stardate 238904.26)

As the Drake prepares to leave Alpha Centauri, Commander Will Rogers gathers the senior staff in the briefing room to go over the latest orders form Starfleet. Before jumping into their next mission, however, he formally welcomes both Commander Karynn Ehlanii Brice and Lieutenant Jade Shryker to the crew, and outlines their specific functions aboard ship. Originally posted to the Drake as an anthropologist and psychologist in the Science department, Brice is instead assigned the Chief Science Officer position left open following the unexpected departure of Commander Aron Kells. Shryker is assigned a post in the security department, of which Lieutenant Sakorra Reed becomes the new Chief, filling the position vacated by Major David Whale's promotion to First Officer and Marine SAR commander.

"Shore Leave: Alpha Centauri" (Stardate 238903.27)

The Drake emerges from null space, and the crew discovers that back in their own universe, only a few hours have passed. For many of them, and indeed the ship herself, the scheduled shakedown to Alpha Centauri is more like a post-mission shore leave, allowing them to rest, relax and recoup from their encounters with the Saksenna and the planet. The crew have ample opportunity to do so, as they are staying at a six-star resort facility while their ship is repaired.

On Alpha Centauri, two new officers await to join the crew: Commander Karynn Brice, Xeno-Anthropologist/Psychologist, and Lieutenant Jade Shryker, Security officer. Having been booked on the same transport, the two officers strike up a friendship during a shared visit to one of the resort's many luxury spas.

Much of the crew wastes no time in getting acquainted with the resort's many amenities, as well. Lieutenant JG Dantin-Vex and Crewman Vera Anderson-Vex recently learned the that embryos previously removed from Vera's womb during a medical emergency are now able to be re-implanted. Delighted by the news, they take to a family day out at the beach with Dantin's son Danny. They are joined by Ensign Sakorra Reed and her son Sabek, who has recently become a friend and schoolmate of Danny's. Reed's mood is less celebratory than the Vexes', as she tries to establish a new equilibrium in her relationship with her formerly estranged husband, Lt. Commander Solok.

Elsewhere on the beach, Ensign T'Vek is spending some long-awaited one-on-one time with a potential new flame, Ensign Marcus Sung. Commander William Rogers, Lieutenant Sinda Essen and Lieutenant JG Pandora meet Commander Brice at the Garden Delight, and Commander Rogers's attempts to ignite an interest in golf in the others are met with less than encouraging results, especially once mention is made of the more universally enjoyable poker.

Lt. Commander Danzia visits a Texas-themed restaurant to indulge in her fondness for both ribs and country music. Passing by, a newly bespectacled Ensign Didrik Stennes notices her, and the two agree to share a meal. A waiter spills a steaming pot of coffee onto Stennes, whose tepid reaction suggests that there may have been some unexpected effects to his encounter with the mysterious, gene-altering Mist from null space.

Lt. Commander David Whale and Lieutenant JG Oliver Weston, catching up after Whale's time-distorted seven-months in null space, elect to remain aboard the Drake a while, and share drinks in her crew lounge. There, Weston lets it slip that Whale's wife, Chief Petty Officer Fiona Shelley, is pregnant. Also aboard the Drake, Commander Aron Kells solicits Ensign Lai Jo'rek's insight into the one of the species encountered in null-space, and the two agree to co-author a paper on the topic before Kells in unexpectedly called away by an incoming call from Starfleet. Kells is presented with an opportunity to lead a project to revive a previously extinct species, but the offer also comes with a new job: Executive Officer of Starbase 118. After seeking advice from Lieutenant Sinda, Kells accepts the offer and prepares to leave the Drake.

The crew gathers at a beachside mansion to unwind and mingle, where Commander Rogers presents promotions and awards to the crew. Ensign Stennes is promoted to Lieutenant junior grade, Ensign Reed is promoted to Lieutenant, and Lieutenant junior grade Pandora is promoted to Lieutenant. Stennes and Lieutenant junior grade Weston receive Purple Heart ribbon for injuries received during the null space mission, and Reed is awarded a Good Conduct ribbon for preserving the lives of a species native to null space. In addition, the crew who served aboard the Drake during its trip to null space are all awarded the Explorers service ribbon.

"Tempus Fugit" (Stardate 238902.05)

The Drake emerges from spacedock at Utopia Planitia after a long-overdue refit, boasting some new systems and some new crew. A detachment of Marines is deployed to the Drake to form a specialized Search-and-Rescue, and Engineering receives a team from the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. As these officers join the crew, however, others unexpectedly depart: a shuttlecraft carrying the Chief of Security, Lt. Commander David Whale, goes missing somewhere between Earth and Alpha Centauri. Furthermore, Captain Kare'en is reassigned at the last moment, leaving Commander William Rogers in the big chair. Commander Rogers uses their scheduled shakedown cruise to look for Whale, but while conducting the search, the ship encounters an anomaly which draws her into a realm the crew have dubbed "null space," where the laws of the universe are askew.

2388 Missions

"Shore Leave: Earth"

"The Ring"

"Shore Leave: Vulcan"

"Romulan Convoy Duty"

In which the crew of the USS Drake escorts a convoy bearing Romulan refugees into Federation space.


Shoreleave One: Vulcan