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OEB Simmer Guide

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3: Formatting Your Sims
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4: The Setting
5: The Ship
6: The Crew
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7: Staff
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9: Mission Proposals
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10: Promotions
11: OOC Activities
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The Ship

The USS Octavia E Butler is a Sagan class vessel, a capital starship. She incorporates the latest from the Starfleet Corps of Engineers and Starfleet R&D such as regenerative shields, upgraded Bio-Neural Gel Isolinear computer system, and dual warp drive system capable of sustained speeds of Warp 14 in the revised Warp Speed Chart. The OEB has also been equiped with an upgraded quantum slipstream drive. It has 2 type-14 long-range shuttles, 2 type-17 heavy cargo shuttles, 2 type-18 shuttles, 2 Argonaut class runabouts, a captain's skiff, the Gamma Glider, and 6 Valkyrie II fighters. Shuttles and runabouts are named for works of the 20th century author Octavia E Butler, for whom the Sagan-class vessel was named. The ship is also equiped with a small vehicle fabricator.

The OEB is crewed by 600 (150 officers and 450 enlisted) with few family members and civilians. Included in the enlisted count is a deployment of Marines.

The OEB is also outfitted to be a top-of-the-line long-range explorer, with a experimental artifact-derived tech. Her warp drive system is amongst the best in Starfleet. The Sagan class class is a little smaller and newer but in some ways similar to the Sovereign class class.

Visuals of the Octavia E Butler

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Gamma Quadrant Presence

Starfleet's presence in the Gamma Quadrant is comprised of a flotilla of almost two dozen ships, including the USS Oumuamua (housing the Commodore in supervising the flotilla) and a few support vessels: USS Nashira, the Steamrunner class Sekhmet and the late Caboto. Recently assigned new vessels also include the Phoebe, the Charity, and the Vulcana Regar.

Most often these other vessels do not show up unless needed for a particular mission. They can generally be thought of as operating "in the area" but "off-screen" during the course of our stories.

USS Octavia E Butler
USS Oumuamua
USS Nashira
USS Sekhmet
USS Caboto

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