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Shi'kahr Academy Records

James son of S'bok

Note: Due to Vulcan tradition, some omissions have been made in the official record
out of respect for privacy.

General Info

Acceptance: 238007.01
Graduation: 238505.01
Grade (Overall): Honour


James' performance in this subject has been adequate. His knowledge is more than sufficient to attain a honour grade in this subject. His work is sufficient, if on occasion somewhat illogical in its conclusion but his knowledge is clearly within our expectations.
Exam Result: 96.87%


While James has excellent knowledge of the basics of Chemistry, his understanding of the more advanced topics of study is below my expectations. His knowledge of individual elements and their properties is however impressive and most conducive to his preferred areas.
Exam Result: 89.67%

James shows little aptitude towards this subject. While his knowledge of the anatomy of many species is more than acceptable, his ██████████ makes it difficult for James to gain any practical understanding of the subject.
Exam Result: 59.79%

James has a excellent Mathematical mind, as evidenced by his result.
Exam Result: 100%

File:ReinardBSL.jpg Federation History
James performed very well in this subject. He has more than sufficient knowledge on the major events in federation history as well as some specialised knowledge in the events of some individual planets.
Exam Result: 98.45%

Federation Languages
During James' studies he has show sufficient aptitude for not only Vulcan and Federation Standard, but also for non-federation languages such as Klingon and Romulan. While he tends to be mechanical in translation, it is acceptable in most situations.
Exam Result: 98.91%

Federation Law
While James has great skill in remembering the contents of individual documents and rulings, which is critical for examination, I do not foresee a carer in law for this individual.
Exam Result: 99%

Non-Contributing Subjects

Physical Education
James does not show much enthusiasm for this subject, but he does at least attempt the lessons - even if he is not always met with success.

Social Education
Note: Large amounts of this record has been redacted. If the information is vital please contact Shi'kahr Academy for a full Psychological Report.
Perhaps owing to his heritage, James has been unable to reach the level of █████████ ███████ we expect from students. To make matters worse, he has actively ██████████ ███ █████ of ███████ █████████, although never to the same extent as that of Sybok and his followers. He is able, however to exhibit some █████████ ███████ and can function in Vulcan society. It may however be logical for him to seek his future outside Vulcan, which I believe are his intentions. In terms of cultural knowledge, he posses a great deal of information in regards of Music and Literature, but is mostly incapable of re-creating it himself.

Crew of Deep Space 285


Lt. Commander James