Franklin Simons

Chief Petty Officer Franklin Simons is the Intelligence Liaison Officer aboard StarBase 118 Ops.

StarBase 118 Ops
Franklin Simons
Position Intelligence
Rank Chief Petty Officer
Species Human
Gender Male
DOB 235009.07
Age 49
Birthplace San Francisco, Earth
Halloween Avatar Contest Runner Up
Badge 1.png
Top Sim Judge
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Awards & Service Ribbons
Awards General ScottyCross 2011.jpg

Scotty Cross


  • Height:6'2"
  • Weight:190 pounds
  • Hair:Black
  • Eyes:Brown
  • Build:Muscular
  • Partner: Riley
  • Children:
    • Daughter: Misha, aged 8
    • Daughter: De'shawna, aged 6


Franklin helps coordinate information for the Chief of Intelligence.

Background and Personality

Franklin lives in the Ashalla District of StarBase 118 Ops with his family. They enjoy the area's quiet and contemplative atmosphere. Franklin is efficient and cheerful. He enjoys painting and spending time with his family.

SIM Archive

  • Meeting of the Minds - (StarBase 118: 229303.25. Franklin gets ready for an Easter ceremony with his daughters, then contacts the marines about an intelligence plot of misinformation.)

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