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USS Artemis

Security Center - Deck 08

The Security Center of the USS Artemis is located on Deck 8, alongside the Intelligence Suite and Tactical Suite, and houses offices and facilities vital to maintaining the safety and internal security of the ship, including the Chief Security Officer's office, the Armory, and Security Training Facilities.

Additionally, the ship's Brig and holding cells are accessible via the Security Center, providing an additional layer of protection.

In the middle of the room was a bank of terminals, where Security Officers would check in for their shifts, conduct research, share information, and check on the status of various ship’s systems. Around the outside were a series of secured rooms – offices, a meeting room, the firing range, the armory, and – through the back – the brig and detention cells.[1]

Since the Artemis is classified as a vessel focused on exploration and science, the Security Center is smaller than what might be seen on a larger, more defensive-oriented ship. It serves, among other things, as the work area for the Security Officer of the Watch. The Officer of the Watch, also referred to as Duty Officer, is responsible for ensuring that security is monitored throughout the entire ship. It is also where security requests from other departments or away teams are forwarded so that resources may be accurately directed.

The Artemis does not have a Marine contingent onboard to assist in its defense or the rare occurrence where an offensive action must be taken, so all of those duties fall to Starfleet Security personnel.

Chief Security Officer's Office

The Chief Security Officer (CSO) is assigned a private office that allows them to direct all security personnel and assign the same to duty schedules in order to ensure coverage throughout the ship. The CSO can also monitor deployed security personnel and monitor the status of security of the Artemis. The CSO's desk includes a standard computer while also having displays for different encoded communications that are directed to the CSO. Any displays that could potentially show sensitive material are oriented so they cannot be observed by visitors to the office, in case their clearance level is insufficient.

Security & Tactical Offices

Around the security center are various offices open to security and tactical personnel to conduct their work in private. This can include security officers conducting interviews for investigations or tactical officers filling out reports. Each office has a desk, computer, and additional seating while being minimally decorated to reduce distractions.


A secure storage room for housing weapons for the ship and for armory technicians to conduct service and maintenance. The armory is only accessible to designated crew members via a personal access code that is logged with each entry or exit. The room includes multiple racks of various phaser weapons and two worktables to allow for individual weapons to be serviced or repaired.

Brig & Detention Cells

The brig and detention cells are responsible for keeping prisoners and those charged with crimes against Starfleet or the Federation until they can be transported to a holding facility prior to a trial or tribunal. There are two separate cells that can both house multiple persons if absolutely necessary. Both cells are equipped with force fields that assist in containing detainees and that can also be used to separate them by sight and sound from anyone on the cell's exterior. Each cell also has a replicator, controlled by security personnel monitoring the detainees, that allows for the delivery of sustenance, bedding, clothing, and any other essential items. Detainees' bioreadings are also monitored constantly while inside the cells in case medical assistance is required.

Security Training Facilities

The training facilities consist of two holodecks mostly restricted to training programs provided by Starfleet Academy. Upon approval, the holodecks can be programmed with specific training programs designed by and tailored to the crew of the Artemis as long as they comply with Starfleet training regulations. The programs can consist of anything from a basis hand phaser firing course to a simulated security or tactical situation for officers to complete.

Officer of the Watch

While the Chief of Security is ultimately responsible for setting up duty shifts and allocating resources for the department, the Officer of the Watch (or Duty Officer) is tasked with ensuring those plans are carried out efficiently. They are usually an officer that has been picked as the de facto leader for the duty shift in the absence of the Chief of Security. Primarily the Duty Officer operates in the Security Center so that all related security functions may be monitored. This includes sensor readings throughout the ship, the location of security personnel, incoming messages or requests from other departments, and the overall status of the ship. The Security Center itself is staffed with a security team along with the Duty Officer to help with the monitoring of those functions and to assist with communication.

The Duty Officer will rarely leave the Security Center during their assigned shift, as they will be responsible for directing resources during an emergency if the Chief is unavailable or preoccupied with other duties (such as accompanying an away team). At the end of their shift, the Duty Officer is also responsible for completing a report that is to be passed onto the Duty Officer for the next shift while also being forwarded to the Chief of Security for review. This ensures continued and consistent communication about potential security issues or threats to all personnel.

Artemis Security

The goal of the Security personnel on board the Artemis is the same as aboard every Starfleet vessel or installation.

Under the direction and supervision of the Chief of Security, Security personnel keep the Artemis and crew secure through:

  • Protecting essential areas
  • Responding to disturbances or intrusions
  • Investigating alleged crimes
  • Accompanying away teams
  • Guarding guests and VIPs
  • Ensuring the safety of the Captain and First Officer
  • Administering security training to crew
  • Securing Federation and Starfleet prisoners
  • Working with local law enforcement officials during missions

Artemis Security personnel are organized into different teams for various duties that are required of the department. A few examples are shown below.

Team Designation Team Responsiblities Team Composition
Standard Security Team Assigned to guard sensitive areas, respond to onboard emergencies, and accompany away teams.    
Ship Defense Team Deployed in the event the ship is boarded, or an away team needs additional security support.      
Boarding Party Used in the rare event a hostile ship or facility must be boarded and secured by Artemis personnel.        

The Security Department, like all of Starfleet, works in tandem with other departments aboard the ship in order to complete various specialized tasks. At times this requires other departments to send personnel to join security forces to assist them. Examples may include a science officer being assigned to a security team if there is a crime scene that must be processed for forensic evidence or the more common occurrence of a pilot flying a shuttle to transport a team to a location outside of the ship.