Tara Wilkins

Tara Wilkins, PhD is currently a science officer on the USS Thor. She was born on Stardate 237003.17 on Gheryzan, Trill to Florence Wilkins and Daniel Wilkins. Her father was a shop vendor selling fruits and vegetables. She is the middle child with a younger brother, Hogan Wilkins, and a older sister, Juliet Lux. She is currently not joined to a symbiont, but it is her dream to be so sometime in the future.

USS Thor
Tara Wilkins

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  • Born: 237003.17 (31 years old), Gheryzan Trill
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Height: 5 ft 3 in (1.60 m)
  • Weight: 112 lb (51 kg)
  • Hair Color: Dyed blonde
  • Eye Color: Hazel
  • Build: Slim and athletic
  • T/E Rating: 0

  • Mother: Florence Wilkins
  • Father: Daniel Wilkins
  • Siblings:
    • Juliet Lux (older sister)
    • Hogan Wilkins (younger brother)

Medial Records

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Personal History

Early Life

Tara was born and raised on Gheryzan, known for the Gheryzan Hospital, a hospital for mentally ill Trills. During her teen years she use to run pass it, and it gave her an eerie feeling.

She use to spend some of her time on Kova Beach, about six kilometers away from her home.

She attended the Lela Dax elementary school and later Northern Gheryzan High School.

Academic Life

At eighteen years of age, Wilkins attended the Manev University at Leran Manev, Trill. There she studied Science with a minor in Xenology. She was in the upper ten percent of her graduating class. She applied to be able to be joined with a symbiont but was turned down.

She applied and got into Princeton University at Princeton, New Jersey, Earth as a doctoral student in Xenology. She did her dissertation on the bond between Gomtuu and telepathic beings. During her time there she ran in the 2394 Boston Marathon where she had a time of 2:23.54. After graduating she tried again to apply to be joined but was turned down for a second time.

Starfleet Academy

She decided to join Starfleet to explore the galaxy and also to increase her qualifications to be joined. Joining Starfleet was not a lifelong dream, but it was an opportunity to be the first to witness new cultures and species. Besides, Starfleet had some of the most prestigious journals in the quadrant. She wanted to excel in her chosen field of study and Starfleet would provide it for her.

At Starfleet Academy she was given the rank of first-class cadet because of her education. She was placed in the six-week Starfleet Academy Preparatory Program with Lieutenant Commander Dassa Alexander-Dalton as her trainer.

Duronis II Embassy

Tara's first assignment was to be the science officer at the embassy on Duronis II. She checked in with the commanding officer of the embassy, Rear Admiral Toni Turner. Tara was informed that the crew was going on shore leave and that she could go along.

During the fight two Tal Shiar were trying to use a cannon to shot down the Rear Admiral's yacht. They missed but manged to hit the port nacelle that Tara was riding in. The shuttle went down in the Talison Forest. The first officer, Lieutenant Commander Geoffrey Teller was badly injured. Doctor MacKenzie tried her best to get the front of the shuttle off of him and relieve his pain. Yet, she couldn't finish her treatment when two Tal Shiar showed up and kidnapped Lieutenant Commander Addison MacKenzie.

Tara was assigned to the USS Thunder-A where she and Lieutenant Lorian Lovar were assigned to make a probe to analyze some proto-matter that was near the Romulan Warbird Thandak. I was mysterious entity called the Unknown by the officers aboard the USS Thunder-A began to take control of the ship and communicating to the crew using the ship's computer. It was soon discovered by Tara that the entity was a being made of energy and was feeding off the proto-matter. The entity let them go, leaving the Romulans to deal with the Unknown.

USS Thor

Her first mission on the Thor was to answer a distress call coming from a lost colony world in the Menthar Corridor known as Vel Maijan. Tara was part of the team to survey the ruins on the surface of the planet. The ruins were found to be unsalvageable. There was a strong earthquake that forced them off the planet. There was also an away team searching for colonists below the surface. They managed to rescue 200 colonists. They also discovered Azcou, lizard looking creatures that were sentient. One of them, Orh'am, manged to mistakenly be transported to the Thor. Tara confronted it along with Captain Kells and Counselor Brodie.

While on leave after rescuing the colonists, Tar along with Captain Kells observed some unusual behavior of some gormagandes in a social group along with a young calf. Captain Kells stayed behind on the USS Tharsis to study them in a group.

While jumping into QSD the USS Thor was hit by a biomass on its port side. It caused damage on deck 12. Tara rigged up some EVA suits for three marines that will go out and take a look at what hit them. The mass attacked one of the marines, but was able to phaser it, cutting off a pieces of the blob wrapped around her ankle. It was taken to medical where Lieutenant Deena studied the organism.

Personal Life


Wilkins' father is a very quiet man that keeps mostly to himself. Her mother has always pushed Tara to always try to be better. Nothing seems to please her. She never acknowledged her high marks she had in school and through university life. She constantly reminded her that she's not joined like her older sister. In fact, her mother keeps using her sister as an example of what she could be. This caused Tara to have some shame in being unjoined and set up a rift of jealousy between herself and her sister.

Her brother just entered college, but hasn't declared a major yet. He is an average student with no real ambitions in life. Yet, he hasn't been pushed to excel in life my her mother as Wilkins. Between her brother and sister, she has the closest relationship with her brother.


When Wilkins is not studying she likes to draw. She has a sketch book that she takes with her to doodle ideas with and other random things she notices. She also likes to paint with oils on a canvas mainly portraits of others. She has been drawing and painting since she was five years of age.

She also loves to do yoga and run. When she has some steam to burn off she'll go on the holodeck and run in one of her programs. It is one of the main ways that she keeps her body in shape. She learned how to do yoga from a friend she had when she was thirteen years of age. She does yoga when she needs to relax.


Tara loves to drink Mavrock juice. Mavrock is a deep blue fruit that grows on trees and is native to Trill. It tastes sweet and is warm as long as it is not stored in a cold environment. She loves to eat all types of fruit and usually has a glass of white wine with it. She also loves to eat salad anything from leafy salad to potato salad to egg salad. She also likes to eat poultry and fish, usually in her salad, but she does eat it as a side dish.

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet First Class 239612.29 - 239702.02 Starfleet Academy Science Student
Ensign 239702.03 - 239704.18 Duronis II Embassy Science Officer
239704.18 - present USS Thor

Service Ribbons

Awards and Service Ribbons
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 239702.02
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.
Romulan Campaign Medal 239706.08
Federation Embassy on Duronis II
For work to hinder the plans of the Tal Shiar both in space and on the ground.
Innovation Ribbon 239706.08
Federation Embassy on Duronis II
for efforts to understand the protomatter field, and later to restore the USS Thunder
Innovation Ribbon 239706.08
USS Thor
2nd citation. Speculation on what caused the magnetospheric anomalies on Vel Maijan.
Innovation Ribbon 239708.18
USS Thor
3rd citation. For helping the Thor and her crew get out of the QSD disruption.
Explorer's Ribbon 239706.08
USS Thor
For efforts to find the lost colony on Vel Maijan
First Contact Ribbon 239706.08
USS Thor
Meeting of the Azcou on Val Maijan

Current Crew Manifest

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Commanding Ofc.
Aron Kells
Alexander Brodie
Act. Chf. Med. Ofc.
V'Len Kel
Medical Officer
Chf. Science Ofc.
Katsim Peri
Executive Ofc.
Wes Greaves
HCO Officer
Act. Chf. Eng. Ofc.
Kammus Corelli
Security Officer
Isabelle Basilia
Tactical Officer
Jack Kessler
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