House of Meltak

The House of Meltak

“qo'Daq HochvaD! (Together on to victory!)”

Words of House Meltak

The House of Meltak is a medium (by acres of land) Noble Klingon House. Its origin can be traced back to 2235 by its founding by K'Roth. The House is prosperous and influential, but is not one of the 24 'Great Houses' who may sit on the Klingon High Council. The seat of the house itself is situated in the Ro'shane valleys in the northern peninsula of Qo'noS and is surrounded by lush forests and good hunting ground.


Leadership of the House is governed by KDF Captain Meltak who succeeded from his father in 2350.

  • Leader of the House: Meltak
  • Mistress of the House: Grezka {d. 2379}
  • Heir-Apparent: T'Wrath
  • Blood-Bond: Danny Wilde, initiated 2383.
  • Lords: Kivar and Nerk, Meltaks brothers


The House has a long and honoured history, proudly serving the Empire when it can. Recent history saw a blood-bond with humans.

In 2383, Meltak enlisted the help of Starfleet Intelligence to uncover a plot made by rival House - Mordre - to assassinate Meltak and usurp his lands. Since his son and heir-apparent, T'Wrath, was not yet of age to take over the running of the house, Meltak knew his death would leave the house exposed, and knowing he would receive no official help from The High Council, he took matters into his own hands. Starfleet assigned Lt.Commander Danny Wilde to the case and together they uncovered the plot and thwarted Mordre. Meltak was extremely grateful for his skill - and perhaps more importantly - his discretion as a human and a Starfleet officer, and inducted him into the House of Meltak with all rights and privileges. The two families have had a strong bond since that time. Danny is especially close to T'Wrath, and the two consider themselves blood brothers. Danny always jokes that they should rename the house - The House of Wilde - to confuse and provoke their enemies.

Meltak is a proud and boisterous old Klingon, who likes his house to be lively and spirited. He enjoys targ raising, and his land is perfect for hunting. His fervant wish is to die in honourable battle and be with his beloved wife in Sto'Vo'Kor.

House Future

The future of the House rests on the shoulders of T'Wrath, eldest and only son of Meltak. If he dies without issue, his sister K'emta can take over as Leader under Klingon law, providing she accepts and defeats all legitimate challengers.

T'Wrath caused some upset in 2387 when he developed feelings for Danny's younger cousin Regan when he came to Qo'noS to study Klingon culture and learn to fight. Same sex relationships are not frowned upon in Klingon society per se, but without a son to carry on the bloodline, leadership of the House became uncertain. Meltak warned T'Wrath that he may mate with anyone he chooses, but in order to secure his birthright, he must have a legitimate son too. Regan declined T'Wrath's proposal anyway, leaving the young Klingon with a bruised ego. Meltak is very fond of Regan, and boasted that "Any man who would willingly go to bed with a Klingon Warrior, must himself truly have the Heart of a Warrior!"

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