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Four Letter Code GRET
Federation Status Non-Aligned
Planet of Origin Unknown (possibly Waystations)
Encountered IND: "Bull's Run"
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level WR
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The Greeters are the caretakers of Waystations.

Home World

See also: Waystations, Way Corridor System

Greeters are located outside of galaxies on their corresponding Waystations. For example, Odyssey Station outside of the Milky Way galaxy from the Alpha/Beta border, and Leximinos Station out from the Belta/Deta border. As such, it is unknown whether they have a planet to call home.


The USS Independence-A made first contact with the Greeters on stardate 238406.12 while in pursuit of a missing Federation starship USS Benjamin Franklin, of which had fallen into one of four permanent Galaxy Corridors (enter/exit points for the Milky Way). While initially friendly, the Greeters decided to test members of the crew to determine whether they possessed a high moral and ethical view. They also downloaded the The Wayfarer's Code, a massive documentation listing conditions all travelers are expected to follow while visiting the Waystation.



Unknown at present. Allen Cruise reported the sighting of a physical silicon being in the form of a Greeter, but it's indeterminate whether the Greeters were original developed by some unknown silicon lifeform, or if it was a physical manifistation (appearance) of a Greeter.


Greeters are a biomatrix lifeform that have the inclusion of DNA (chromosomes and molecules) within their matrix construct, similar to a holographic character, existing within the energy spectrum. Their natural state of environment is as energy, but they possess the ability to be able to generate and maintain a Terran-like physical appearance, usually as some kind of silicon lifeform in white robes and hoods draped over to hide faces.


Greeter personalities are wide and variant, as each Greeter has its own distinct personality that is unique to the individual biomatrix. However, they share several quirks, being somewhat aloof and by and large, existentialist in nature.





See also: The Wayfarer's Code

As an ancient race, the exact culture of Greeters hasn't been explored, due to their natural environment as energy beings of some kind of biomatrix. In the very beginning, they were developed to be official welcomers and guides to the Waystations. Over the millenia, whether due to evolution or development, they adopted a caretaker role as the Waystations and the Ways fell into disuse and/or were forgotten.

All Greeters are sworn by a Code to take no life, regardless of their nature and intentions, which makes them somewhat akin to Pacifists. But they also maintain neutrality and do not interfere with other races, generally. Their spoken language is known as Galactica.




Starfleet Intelligence Files

The senior staff of StarBase 118 Ops, aboard the USS Victory, encountered a Greeter upon investigation of Odyssey station.