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Aiko Watanabe



Kenji Watanabe - Father, deceased
Yuki Watanabe - Mother
Raphael Watanabe - Brother, deceased

Aiko is a Human on Starbase 118 Ops and the daughter of the proprietor of Raging Ramen. Born on a Starfleet vessel, she has never known her parents' home planet save for brief visits. From an early age, she indicated an interest in engineering, science, and linguistics and has set her sights on joining Starfleet once she is old enough to apply for the academy. Aiko enjoys working on engineering projects, exploring scientific ideas, track, and racing vehicles of all sorts.

In May of 2397, her father, Kenji was killed during an away mission when pirates attacked the shuttle he and two other crewmembers occupied. Two months later, Aiko and her mother received word that her brother, Raphael, also died, despite the valiant efforts of Doctor Alieth. After much thought, Aiko's mother decided to relocate to Starbase 118 rather than return to Earth. Despite everything, Aiko had grown up among the stars, and Yuki struggled to imagine a life back on her home planet. Starbase 118 offered opportunities and, hopefully, a safer haven than a ship - and once there, Yuki procured a space and opened her new restaurant, Raging Ramen. Aiko is sometimes seen working there, helping out her mother with the restaurant.