Yorba Station

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Yorba Station was a small refueling station in the Shoals located between Shadow's Edge and Antor. The station was positioned right along Missirian's Pass, an 8-light year corridor, that when open for three months, cuts travel times between the two Colonial Coalition worlds by nearly a third. During this time, Yorba Station was extremely busy.

During the remaining nine months of the year when Missirian's Pass was inaccessible, only a skeleton crew remained aboard the station.

In 2394, Yorba Station was destroyed when the powerful tetryon storm known as the Maelstrom passed through the area, hurling the freighter Tiburon 433 into the station, obliterating it. The debris of the station was then captured by the storm and added to its collection.

Known crew members

  • Kagan, killed 2394
  • McCaster, killed 2394
  • Lena, killed 2394