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Lupo, Toni

  • Serial Number: UB- 525 - 632
  • Rank: Lieutenant JG
  • Position: Mission Specialist
  • Assignment: USS Gorkon
  • Clearance: Beta-Two-Five-Zero
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Notable SIMs
Personal life
SIM link Comment
Truth be told Toni reveals Tyr her feelings for him.
Sister Surprise Toni just found out that her sister who was supposed to be home with parents arrived to live with her after the fight at home. Soon she will find out why, in Shocking revelation and several other explanations to coma after that one.
Finding Brother B-plot
SIM link Comment
Shocking revelation Toni finds out that the reason for the way their parents were overprotective over her sister and she is the son they lost.
I want to fly During the away mission on the ancient Til'ahn, Toni got bitten by the strange bug which entered her body and started causing changes.
Tail Toni was paralyzed during the repairs on the USS Bronwyn . When she called for help and got beamed to Embassy Sickbay, Dr. Hendon detected that the reason for the pain is the creature inside her body which attached to her pelvic bone and she is growing a tail.
Secrets Toni revealed her condition to Dr. Blueheart to make sure if anything happens to her, he will be ready to deal with it.
Dr Blueheart - Shall We Begin?

Dr Blueheart - Level Of Hell

When pain started making her uanble to function, she and Dr. Blueheart figured, surgery is the only option. Only, the bug decided to want to live and released a neurotoxin which burned Toni's neural pathways, rendering her now completely paralyzed. Only way to save her was to find suitable donor of neuronal cells. Soon suitable donor was found on nearby ship, USS Halo and he arrived to don cells. Although paralyzation got healed, extreme pain returned and Toni demanded induced coma.
To Astrofori One Toni awoke from coma a month after the decommissioning of USS Avandar at her parent's home, but meeting her xenophobic parents didn't go well, so she returned to active duty at once. Her tail was at that time fully grown and she felt no pain or any other sideeffects.
Doctor patient confidentiality Pavyl asks Dr. Blueheart to help him meet Toni Lupo, since he suspected she may be related to him in some way and may be able to help him find his family.
Professional Life
SIM link Comment
Panicking My first SIM after Academy - just to remember how bad I was.
Holodeck Hands on Diagnostic, Gone awry First JP, thanks to Lieutenant Brell. It was loads of fun. We did the testing on QSSD in holodeck which wanted to kill us for playing with dangerous engine.
Spitting In the discussion on the OOC list, somebody mentioned it would be fun if the beast spit on the Thunder. I couldn't resisted to make it so!
Miranda Lieutenant Brell, Captain Frazier and Toni started to make final calculations for the assembly of the new ship from the hull of old Miranda found near Ti'lahn. Following sims are Tough Little Ship and Layout
Oh Happy Day Her first promotion, from Ensign to LtJG, on the beach by the Embassy on Til'ahn.