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Lupo, Toni

  • Serial Number: UB- 525 - 632
  • Rank: Lieutenant JG
  • Position: Mission Specialist
  • Assignment: USS Gorkon
  • Clearance: Beta-Two-Five-Zero
Toni Lupo's Medical Records Toni Lupo's Personal Log Toni Lupo's SIM Page
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Toni Lupo

  • Height: 178 cm (5'10")
  • Weight: 66 kilos (145 lbs)
  • Blood Type: B+
  • T/E Rating: T0


  • Chronic Illnesses: None
  • Medications: None
  • Allergies and Reactions: None
  • Sexual/Reproductive History: None


  • 2379: Back and sciatic nerve injury caused by the fall from the horse




  • Was in treatment during Academy due to depression caused by the problems with parents


  • Alcohol: 2-5 glasses of wine per week
  • Recreation Drugs: None
  • Other: None


  • Parent 1 (Mother): None
  • Parent 2 (Father): None
  • Siblings: None


  • Marital status: None
  • Children: None
  • Occupation/Assignment: Engineer
  • Diet: Low-caloric while on the ship and detox one day a month
  • Exercise: Running and swimming when can (during shore leave or while on the Til'ahn she is swimming and running with her sister every morning; when on the mission if by any means possible she will run in the morning before the breakfast)


  • SC 239201.07 - Medical Officer: Boris Hendon, USS Thunder-A
  • Medical Assessment: During the testing of the QSSD in the Holodeck the problem occurred which caused malfunction which disabled safeties and patient was irradiated. Patient received radiation treatment and was sent to rest in her quarters

  • SD 239201.27 - Medical Officer: Boris Hendon, USS Thunder-A
  • Medical Assessment: Patient broke her left hand little finger during the attack of a dragon creature on the ship. Finger was realigned and it healed well.

  • SD 239207.07 - Attending Officer: Aurora James, USS Thunder-A
  • Medical Assessment: During the away mission Toni was bitten by the unrecognized bug on the ancient Til'ahn. Pain rendered her unconscious and it is how she returned to the ship. After thorough check no anomaly was found in the body and Toni was awoken. She was feeling tired and her back was hurting, but otherwise she was fine. Although she was ordered to stay in sickbay she decided to leave it and report to the bridge during red alert soon after the waking up.
  • Update: SD 239208.01 - Attending Officer Boris Hendon and Tea Lupo
  • Medical Assessment: Toni felt her body paralyzing and she called Tea to help her last possible moment. Working together two doctors found the reason. The bug that bite Toni on ancient Til'ahn was now deep encapsulated in her body. Most of the bug itself was stretched over her pelvic bone while the tail stretched throughout the spinal cord and attached to the cerebellum. For now only difference doctors can observe is a small tail, which started to grow on Toni.
  • Update: SD 239208.10 - Record sealed by Starfleet Intelligence
  • Update: SD 239208.18 - Toni made this information available to Dr. Raj Blueheart, so he can continue observing the changes and be able to stop her if she will show unusual behavior or characteristics.
  • Update: SD 239210.05 - After Toni awoke in great pain Dr. Blueheart determined: "appendage is showing accelerated growth. The growth rate is not what we had projected earlier, based on your previous medical records. Your spine and surrounding tissues cannot cope with the rapid growth rate. That is what is causing the severe pain." So Toni agree to the surgery to remove the tail and arrest the growth.
  • Update: SD 239210.20 - Dr. Raj Blueheart performed the surgery, but the bug refused to get removed. When the cord attached to the spinal cord was detached, the bug started attacking the nerves it was attached to with a toxin. Toni was left paralyzed and her nervous system needed a donation of healthy neuronal cells from cerebrospinal fluid for her nervous system regeneration. Nurse Bell Rudat found suitable donor on the USS Halo and Ensign Pavyl agree to come and donate the cells.
  • Update: SD 239210.25 - Dr. Raj Blueheart extracted neuronal cells from Ensign Pavyl's cerebrospinal fluid and infused them to Toni's blood. Next few days will show did the surgery helped.
  • Update: SD 239210.30 - Toni awoke still in a great pain and demanded induced coma. When Avandar got decommissioned, both Starfleet Intelligence and Starfleet Medical demanded her *body*. Tea also demanded her sister as a member of the family. In the end she was the one to chose, but only weather Intelligence or Medical will proceed with treating her sister and she chose Starfleet Medical demanding to be added to the team. Demand was approved but under condition she sign her return to Starfleet Academy and serve at least 5 years after she finishes it. When even Starfleet Medical's best could do much more than Dr, Blueheart did for Toni, she was discharged to care of her sister. Toni awoke from coma a month later at her parent's home, but meeting her xenophobic parents didn't go well, so she returned to active duty at once. Her tail was at that time fully grown and she felt no pain nor any other sideeffects.
  • Update: SD 239210.30Dr. Alucard Vess


  • SC 2391??.?? - Counselor: Academy Counselor Rowena Kamalahandu
  • Final assesment done by Academy Counselor when Toni graduated the Academy.
  • Psychological Assessment: While patient has lot of emotional baggage from her sheltered life and highly conservative upbringing, she is dealing well enough with it to be allowed to graduate the Starfleet Academy. While I told her I will not make it mandatory, I suggested her to continue with regular sessions with ship counselor till she will be sure she dealt with the issues.

  • SC 239210.07 - Counselor: Ceilidh Riverview
  • After escaping Counselors for almost a year, Toni went to visit Counselor Riverview before the surgery.
  • Psychological Assessment:The conversation seemed to pour out of Lupo. First a bad dream involving shape shifting into a monkey. That didn’t seem to odd, given the rather recent growth of a tail. Fear of surgery to remove said tail would also be stressful. While talking, Ceilidh tried to pay attention not only to what the young woman said, but how she said it, as well as her body language and mood swings. One moment lightness, the next dark. There was an inner battle going on, and it seemed to that there was more at play than just the issue of the tail.

The young woman spoke passionately about her work, as if it were part of her. Ceilidh decided to make a note of this, so that once back on active duty, she could perhaps observe the young officer in her work environment and get a better idea of who she was. It also sounded like the last mission didn’t go as planned, engineering wise, which would also present another layer of stress to an already stressful situation.

This young woman was a whole pile of messed up, and it didn’t seem right. It seemed that no one, none of her prior counselors, had bothered to dig deep into what made this woman who she is, or only treated one aspect, not the entire person. No one should still be carrying around the pain of past things the way Lupo was, whether she realized it or not. As of now, Ceilidh made it her priority to work with Lupo to find inner balance with her life. First thing would be to check up on the young officer after her surgery and was cleared for visitors in Sick Bay.