Mirian Ministry of Justice

As of 238604.01, the Ministry of Justice was created. At this time the newly elected Planetary Council for Miri IV selected both a Minister and Deputy Minister to run this department.

  • Minister - Thelma Viril, a Human.
  • Deputy Minister - Edgar Brice, a Human.

The first act of the newly created Ministry was the expansion of the Cru'ela city police force into a planet wide joint force with the HQ in the city of Cru'ela. This has resulted in the current police force being doubled in size. An extremely active recruiting campaign sought new recruits from every race currently resideing on the planet.

These new police officers should be ready for duty by the new year.

The next act by the Ministry was to compile a complete listing of laws from each race and attempt to draw up a unified criminal code that could be applied to all races fairly. By all accounts this seems to be a very difficult task and there is no clear cut end in sight.

Next to be tackled is the creation of a court system that will be acceptable to all the races living on Miri at this time.