Ietai system

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The Ietai system is a unary star system in the Tyrellian Sector, located in the Beta Quadrant. It has no native sentient species, and is a former colony of the Romulan Star Empire, now aligned to the Republic. It escaped wider notice for a long time, being of little strategic importance to anyone — until it was discovered the planet has significant deposits of benamite. Realising what they had, the Republic invited the Federation to help them mine the crystals, a manoeuvre that has stopped the Empire from attempts to reconquer the territory. However, tensions flare on a regular basis, more so as the Romulans have started exerting a greater claim on the mining output as they have brought their own slipstream drives into service.


Ietai is a unary star system, its single star a yellow-white G-type main-sequence star, classified as G0V spectral type.

Name Classification Mass
Ietai G (Yellow) 1.15 5980 5.3

Planets and Moons

Væron (Ietai IV)

  • Classification: Class-M planet (73% water)
  • Population: ≈1.1 billion
  • Moons: One

Væron is the fourth planet in the system. It is an M-class planet with a similar climate to Earth, including generous polar ice caps. The brightness and transmitted light frequencies of the system's star have caused the foliage of the planet to evolve a distinctive blood-red hue, and the surface and seas support a variety of wildlife. The Romulan Star Empire established a colony several hundred years ago, and many of the older settlements have a sleepy, provincial feel, their buildings low and constructed from local stones and materials.

Notable Locations

  • Val'Bhaonn: The capital city. The oldest settlement on the planet, it sports squat buildings of local stone and brick blending with those constructed with more modern materials and in greater heights.
  • Khueamneani Hills: Country area known for its open space and spectacular views with small lovely settlements included.
  • Nahdra Beach: A tropical resort famous on planet for its good weather, clear seas, white sands and extravagant cocktails.
  • Cencacius: One of the many settlements scattered in the planet's forest areas.
  • Calrich Overhang: The primary Federation mining facility.
  • TBC: The primary Romulan mining facility. Supported by Calrich Overhang in the form of power, water and docking facilities.

Notable Citizens

  • S'Ehraellu: The Romulan governor of the colony.
  • Caldor: Deceased. Was the Romulan chief scientist at the polar research facility. A short, plump and genial man whose quick changes of demeanour seem intended to keep the people around him off-balance and unsure how to deal with him.
  • Jhame zh’Zerok: An Andorian woman with a muscular build and a forthright attitude, she is the overseer of Calrich Overhang, the primary Federation mining effort on Væron.


  • Kukek: Inhabiting the polar regions, the kukek is a six-legged bear-like creature immune to telepathy. It is generally passive, attacking only if provoked or imperilled, and ferocious if it believes its young is under threat.
  • Marill: Inhabiting the polar regions, the marill is a small rodent similar in appearance to the Earth lemming. This small creature has harsh white fur, short claws and a barbed tail about three times the length of the rest of its body. It is omnivorous, though meat typically represents a very small portion of its diet.