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  • Leutra IV

Sera's first mission takes place in the underground cave complex of Leutra IV. Sera make her introduction to the rest of the crew in an unforgettable manner and gains a permanent fear of spiders.


During Sera's first mission aboard the Gorkon she was part of an away team investigating Leutra IV. This planet shouldn't exist in theory due to it's lush temperate M-class status and it's orbit around a Magnetars. While on the planet, there was a massive solar flare that knocked out all the team's equipment and forced them to find cover in a nearby cave system. Sera awoke in darkness and remembered that she had fallen into a pitfall upon entering the cave, cut off and in darkness she was able to signal for help but was rescued by mechanical spiders, known as the 'Keepers' who acted as caretakers of the cave. Unfortunately, she believed they were going to eat her and resisted her rescue until she was dropped at the feet of her away team. Sera assisted in uploading of Federation Standard to the Keepers and served the rest of the mission by repairing and recharging personal equipment. While in the cave Fleet, Captain Reynolds ordered Sera, Ensign MacFarlane and Lt. Commander Millis to salvage a secondary com array from a wrecked Ranger shuttle what had been swallowed by a sinkhole, they were able to use to contact the Gorkon and arrange a rescue.


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