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Kivis Sector
Sigma Dorphus Sector
Free Haven Sector
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Federation Presence
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Alpha 441 is a planetoid located in the Badlands, where a Maquis munitions base was located.


  • a rocky planetoid with a diameter of 1,981 km (1,238 miles).
  • a density of 4.9 and a gravity of 0.14 G's
  • it has a number of large internal caverns and numerous interconnecting tunnels, many of which were man made

Starfleet Intelligence Files

USS Voyager and the Dreadnought

Alpha 441 and the Maquis munitions base was the original target of the Cardassian missile Dreadnought, launched in 2370. The missile was able to reach the target, but then failed to explode due to an obsolete kinetic detonator used in the warhead. Afterward B'Elanna Torres reprogrammed the missile to destroy the Cardassian fuel depot on Aschelan V.

See Starfleet records labeled File #VOY-00021 for more information.