Star Station Esperance

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Star Station Esperance is a non-Federation civilian hub for commercial traffic located near the border of the Federation and the Tholian Assembly in the Shoals. Consisting of orbital facilities connected to the surface of the planet Esperance, many connections into and out of the Federation arrive at Star Station Esperance first, which earned the star station/planet the nickname, "Gateway to the Federation." Esperance also serves as a major trading post for goods from a string of Federation colonies that skirt the border known as the Colonial Coalition.

The USS Kepler traveled from Deep Space 10 in the Menthar Corridor to Star Station Esperance in 2391, dropping off Roshanara Rahman and Nic del Vedova, who then boarded the Ferengi ship Nagus's Delight to continue their journey to Earth.

The station also includes a Starfleet support annex that serves as Starfleet's main installation in the Shoals and is the homeport for the USS Veritas. In late 2393, following the death of Captain Rosa Carrero, the Veritas's CO, the ship was recalled back to Esperance. Captain Roshanara Rahman was reassigned to take command of the Veritas to investigate Carrero's death, with several members of her former colleagues aboard the USS Invicta joining her as the ship's new senior staff. Meanwhile, the ship's first officer Commander Zhou Tai-Sheng was reassigned as CO of the Starfleet support annex on Esperance.