Menthar Corridor

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Menthar Corridor
(Star Chart)
History of the Corridor
Political Powers
Local Species
Planetary Systems
Commercial Hubs
Federation Presence

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Star chart showing the Menthar Corridor lying between the Breen, Tholian, and Cardassian powers and its relation to the United Federation of Planets

The Menthar Corridor is a vast area of space once occupied by the ancient Menthar civilization. The region lies between the Cardassian Union, Breen Confederacy and Tholian Assembly and is previously unexplored by Federation starships. In 2388, the USS Mercury was the first Federation ship to enter the Menthar Corridor via special arrangement with the Cardassian Detapa Council. After the Mercury was nearly destroyed in late 2390, the USS Garuda was assigned to continue her mission, and in 2392 she was replaced by the USS Invicta and joined by the USS Gorkon.


Star Systems

Space Stations


  • Genesis Cloud: Now destroyed, the cloud was once one of the largest natural collections of protomatter ever documented.