Rosa Carrero

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Rosa Carrero
USS Veritas
Commanding Officer
Dominion War
Operation Safe Harbor
Mexico City, Earth
Aged 53
Species Human
Gender Female
In Memoriam

Rosa Carrero was a Starfleet officer who served as commanding officer of the USS Veritas until she was killed-in-action in late 2393.


Captain Carrero is a distinguished Starfleet officer and a veteran of the Dominion War. She served together with Joseph Washington during the war, and the two remain friends.

After the war, Carrero continued on the command track, receiving her first command in 2385. Five years later, she was assigned to the Veritas. She is known to be a tough commanding officer with strict standards expected of her crew.

In 2391, Carrero and the Veritas were assigned to Starfleet's anti-piracy effort Operation Safe Harbor. As part of that operation, the Veritas was sent to combat drug trafficking in the Jov Parom Sector in 2392.

In 2393, Carrero and the Veritas completed a tour of duty and visited Astrofori One in the Menthar Corridor for shore leave. Carrero took the opportunity to meet with Washington, who was now captain of the USS Invicta.

On SD 239312.05, Carrero met with Theo Giannakos, the governor of Shadow's Edge and was killed during an attack on the governor's residence.[1]

Additional Information


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