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Varaan/Starfleet Academy Transcript

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Varaan's pre-Academy experience with systems and material engineering while with the V'shar greatly aided his ability to excel in most engineering courses at the academy. He was a seasoned engineer taking courses where he already had real life experience with the subject matter. It was the other courses, the ones that did not dealing with engineering, that brought down his GPA. And although Varaan was "frustrated" that he was not able to score higher in those courses, he was not "disappointed." He knows that no one being can be good at everything.
It was Varaan's high academy scores, as well as his engineering past with the V'shar, and his practical experience on board the [[USS Freedom-A|Freedom-A]] and the [[USS Paladin|Paladin]], that garnered him an eventual transfer from starship duty to being a Project Manager at Utopia Planitia Shipyards, to work with the Advanced Starship Design Bureau.
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