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Varaan/Starfleet Academy Transcript

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|NAME = Varaan
|SHIP = unassigned
|RANK = Commander
|POST = unassigned
|COLOR = Gold
|SPECIES = Vulcan
|GENDER = Male
|BIRTHPLACE = [[Vulcan (planet)|Vulcan]]
|IMAGE = Varaan.jpg
{{Ribbons Rack
|Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon|1
|5-year Member|1
|Nebula Bar|2r
|Strange Medallion|1
|Sarpeidon Award|1
}} {{s|Varaan|Starfleet Records}} • {{s|Varaan|Medical Records}} • {{s|Varaan|Starfleet Academy Transcript}}

|Name on Transcript= Varaan
|Serial Number= SE - 381 - 568
|Graduation Date= 237806.30
|Dates of Attendance= 237409.01 - 237806.24
|Campus= San Francisco, Earth, Sol Sector
|Major Division Color=Gold

|Year1Sem1 Course1 Code=ADMIN101
|Year1Sem1 Course1 Title=Starfleet Operations
|Year1Sem1 Course1 Grade=A-
|Year1Sem1 Course2 Code=ADMIN110
|Year1Sem1 Course2 Title=Chain of Command and General Protocol
|Year1Sem1 Course2 Grade=A
|Year1Sem1 Course3 Code=ENG221
|Year1Sem1 Course3 Title=LCARS Programming 1
|Year1Sem1 Course3 Grade=A
|Year1Sem1 Course4 Code=HIST101
|Year1Sem1 Course4 Title=Birth of the Federation
|Year1Sem1 Course4 Grade=A
|Year1Sem1 Course5 Code=LANG101
|Year1Sem1 Course5 Title=Federation Standard
|Year1Sem1 Course5 Grade=A-

|Year1Sem2 Course1 Code=MED101
|Year1Sem2 Course1 Title=First Aid and Field Medicine
|Year1Sem2 Course1 Grade=B+
|Year1Sem2 Course2 Code=BIO101
|Year1Sem2 Course2 Title=Concepts
|Year1Sem2 Course2 Grade=B+
|Year1Sem2 Course3 Code=XEN101
|Year1Sem2 Course3 Title=General
|Year1Sem2 Course3 Grade=B+
|Year1Sem2 Course4 Code=PILOT101
|Year1Sem2 Course4 Title=Runabouts and Shuttles
|Year1Sem2 Course4 Grade=A-
|Year1Sem2 Course5 Code=ADMIN200
|Year1Sem2 Course5 Title=Starfleet Starships
|Year1Sem2 Course5 Grade=A-

|Year1Sem3 Course1 Code=LAW101
|Year1Sem3 Course1 Title=Federation, General
|Year1Sem3 Course1 Grade=A-
|Year1Sem3 Course2 Code=SURV101
|Year1Sem3 Course2 Title=Starship Emergencies
|Year1Sem3 Course2 Grade=A-
|Year1Sem3 Course3 Code=SURV110
|Year1Sem3 Course3 Title=Environmental Suits and Zero-G Training
|Year1Sem3 Course3 Grade=B+
|Year1Sem3 Course4 Code=MATH101
|Year1Sem3 Course4 Title=Concepts
|Year1Sem3 Course4 Grade=A
|Year1Sem3 Course5 Code=PHYS101
|Year1Sem3 Course5 Title=Concepts
|Year1Sem3 Course5 Grade=A

|Year2Sem1 Course1 Code=DIPL101
|Year2Sem1 Course1 Title=General
|Year2Sem1 Course1 Grade=A-
|Year2Sem1 Course2 Code=ENG231
|Year2Sem1 Course2 Title=Computer Memory and Personnel Interfaces
|Year2Sem1 Course2 Grade=A
|Year2Sem1 Course3 Code=TAC101
|Year2Sem1 Course3 Title=Combat, Unarmed
|Year2Sem1 Course3 Grade=B+
|Year2Sem1 Course4 Code=TAC110
|Year2Sem1 Course4 Title=Combat, Small Weapons
|Year2Sem1 Course4 Grade=B+
|Year2Sem1 Course5 Code=LANG109
|Year2Sem1 Course5 Title=Elementary Bajoran
|Year2Sem1 Course5 Grade=B

|Year2Sem2 Course1 Code=ENG101
|Year2Sem2 Course1 Title=General Electronics
|Year2Sem2 Course1 Grade=A
|Year2Sem2 Course2 Code=ENG222
|Year2Sem2 Course2 Title=LCARS Programming 2
|Year2Sem2 Course2 Grade=A-
|Year2Sem2 Course3 Code=ENG211
|Year2Sem2 Course3 Title=Introduction to Material Engineering
|Year2Sem2 Course3 Grade=A
|Year2Sem2 Course4 Code=ASTRG101
|Year2Sem2 Course4 Title=Navigation of Starships, Sublight
|Year2Sem2 Course4 Grade=B+
|Year2Sem2 Course5 Code=TAC170
|Year2Sem2 Course5 Title=Combat, Introduction to Starship Combat
|Year2Sem2 Course5 Grade=B+

|Year2Sem3 Course1 Code=ENG212
|Year2Sem3 Course1 Title=Mechanics
|Year2Sem3 Course1 Grade=A
|Year2Sem3 Course2 Code=ENG213
|Year2Sem3 Course2 Title=Electromagnetics and Applications
|Year2Sem3 Course2 Grade=A
|Year2Sem3 Course3 Code=ENG215
|Year2Sem3 Course3 Title=Introduction to Nanotechnology
|Year2Sem3 Course3 Grade=A-
|Year2Sem3 Course4 Code=ENG234
|Year2Sem3 Course4 Title=Deflectors, Weapons and Security Systems
|Year2Sem3 Course4 Grade=A
|Year2Sem3 Course5 Code=ASTRG102
|Year2Sem3 Course5 Title=Navigation of Starships, Warp Speed
|Year2Sem3 Course5 Grade=B+

|Year3Sem1 Course1 Code=ENG111
|Year3Sem1 Course1 Title=Intermediate Electronics 1
|Year3Sem1 Course1 Grade=A
|Year3Sem1 Course2 Code=ENG201
|Year3Sem1 Course2 Title=Impulse Systems
|Year3Sem1 Course2 Grade=A
|Year3Sem1 Course3 Code=ENG202
|Year3Sem1 Course3 Title=Introduction to Warp Systems
|Year3Sem1 Course3 Grade=A
|Year3Sem1 Course4 Code=ENG233
|Year3Sem1 Course4 Title=Sensors, Communications and Helm Systems
|Year3Sem1 Course4 Grade=A
|Year3Sem1 Course5 Code=PILOT210
|Year3Sem1 Course5 Title=Minor Ships
|Year3Sem1 Course5 Grade=B

|Year3Sem2 Course1 Code=ENG112
|Year3Sem2 Course1 Title=Intermediate Electronics 2
|Year3Sem2 Course1 Grade=A
|Year3Sem2 Course2 Code=ENG203
|Year3Sem2 Course2 Title=Advanced Warp Systems
|Year3Sem2 Course2 Grade=A
|Year3Sem2 Course3 Code=ENG330
|Year3Sem2 Course3 Title=Bio-Neural Components
|Year3Sem2 Course3 Grade=A
|Year3Sem2 Course4 Code=PILOT220
|Year3Sem2 Course4 Title=Major Ships
|Year3Sem2 Course4 Grade=B
|Year3Sem2 Course5 Code=TAC250
|Year3Sem2 Course5 Title=Combat, Shuttles and Runabouts
|Year3Sem2 Course5 Grade=B+

|Year3Sem3 Course1 Code=ENG121
|Year3Sem3 Course1 Title=Colossal Failures in Engineering
|Year3Sem3 Course1 Grade=A
|Year3Sem3 Course2 Code=ENG301
|Year3Sem3 Course2 Title=Transwarp Theories
|Year3Sem3 Course2 Grade=A
|Year3Sem3 Course3 Code=ENG302
|Year3Sem3 Course3 Title=Alternative Faster-Than-Light Technologies
|Year3Sem3 Course3 Grade=A
|Year3Sem3 Course4 Code=ENG331
|Year3Sem3 Course4 Title=Operations and Command Functions
|Year3Sem3 Course4 Grade=A
|Year3Sem3 Course5 Code=ENG321
|Year3Sem3 Course5 Title=Base-Mode Programming
|Year3Sem3 Course5 Grade=A

|Year4Sem1 Course1 Code=ENG322
|Year4Sem1 Course1 Title=Base-Mode Operations
|Year4Sem1 Course1 Grade=A
|Year4Sem1 Course2 Code=ENG323
|Year4Sem1 Course2 Title=Application of Creative Design in Holodecks
|Year4Sem1 Course2 Grade=A-
|Year4Sem1 Course3 Code=ENG332
|Year4Sem1 Course3 Title=Life Support Systems
|Year4Sem1 Course3 Grade=A
|Year4Sem1 Course4 Code=ENG311
|Year4Sem1 Course4 Title=Starship Engineering
|Year4Sem1 Course4 Grade=A
|Year4Sem1 Course5 Code=ENG312
|Year4Sem1 Course5 Title=Subspace Mechanics
|Year4Sem1 Course5 Grade=A

|Year4Sem2 Course1 Code=ENG430
|Year4Sem2 Course1 Title=Medical Systems and Equipment
|Year4Sem2 Course1 Grade=A
|Year4Sem2 Course2 Code=ENG431
|Year4Sem2 Course2 Title=Shield Systems
|Year4Sem2 Course2 Grade=A
|Year4Sem2 Course3 Code=ENG432
|Year4Sem2 Course3 Title=Weapons Systems
|Year4Sem2 Course3 Grade=A
|Year4Sem2 Course4 Code=ENG433
|Year4Sem2 Course4 Title=Security Systems
|Year4Sem2 Course4 Grade=A
|Year4Sem2 Course5 Code=ENG420
|Year4Sem2 Course5 Title=Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
|Year4Sem2 Course5 Grade=A

|Year4Sem3 Course1 Code=ENG530
|Year4Sem3 Course1 Title=System Design
|Year4Sem3 Course1 Grade=A
|Year4Sem3 Course2 Code=ENG531
|Year4Sem3 Course2 Title=Systems Architecture
|Year4Sem3 Course2 Grade=A
|Year4Sem3 Course3 Code=ENG532
|Year4Sem3 Course3 Title=Systems Dynamics
|Year4Sem3 Course3 Grade=A
|Year4Sem3 Course4 Code=ENG535
|Year4Sem3 Course4 Title=Advanced Replicator Theory and Application
|Year4Sem3 Course4 Grade=A
|Year4Sem3 Course5 Code=ENG536
|Year4Sem3 Course5 Title=Advanced Transporter Techniques, Technology and Theory
|Year4Sem3 Course5 Grade=A


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