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Ilyazi Malon

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Ensign '''Ilyazi Malon''', is currently a medical officer aboard the [[{{USS Vigilant]]|Columbia}}..
==Relationships== {{VigilantColumbia}}
==Personal History==
Born just a year before the Occupation of Rodul, Ilyazi lived with her parents, Mananu and Halatia, and her brother and sister, Trindol and Mishixa. Her father, Mananu, is an agricultural farmer, while her mother, Halatia, is a professional artist, specialising in portrait painting. Trindol worked the land with his father from an early age. Mishixa, although the elder of the three siblings, could never decide what she wanted to do, and would dabble in *everything*. Ilyazi's home life was a fairly happy one, despite the Cardassians occupying her world, and because of the difficulties everyone faced, she grew up having a strong family bond.
* '''Date Graduated from Academy''':
* '''Current Rank''': Ensign
* '''Current Assignment''': [[{{USS Vigilant]]|Columbia}}
* '''Duty Post''': Medical Officer
===Awards & Commendations===
* '''The Order of StarFleet Merit and Achievement 1''': Date awarded.
* '''238912.25:''' [[List of Awards|The Xalor Clan Xifilis Award]], [[List of Awards|The Order of Starfleet Merit and Achievement First Class]]
# '''232001.02''': Event, etc.
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