Samal Frazier

Captain Samal Frazier is currently assigned as Commanding Officer, USS Bronwyn aboard the Embassy of Duronis II/USS Bronwyn.

CAPTAIN SAMAL E. FRAZIER - Commanding Officer, USS Bronwyn
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  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Human (Terran)
  • Spouse: None
  • Children:None


  • Full Name: Samal Ezra Frazier
  • Race: Terran
  • Date of Birth: 235203.20
  • Place of Birth: Baltimore, Maryland, USA, Earth
  • Age: 40
  • Gender: Male


  • Height: 1.88 meter
  • Weight: 95 kg
  • Hair Color: Bald
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Build: Physically Fit


  • Marital Status: Single
    • Spouse: N/A
    • Place of Marriage: N/A
  • Children: None
  • Parents
    • Father: CSM Michael Frazier IV (Retired from Federation Army)
    • Mother: MAJ Sara Frazier (DECEASED)
  • Siblings: LTC William Frazier (SF Marine Corps); Lt Scout Frazier (SF Intel)

Professional History

  • Date Graduated from Academy: 23810310
  • Current Rank: Captain
  • Current Assignment: Embassy Duronis II/ USS Thunder NCC - 70605-A
  • Duty Post: Chief of Strategic Operation

Awards & Commendations

For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons
  • Duty Post Award:
    • The Strange Medallion -Fleet First Officer of the Year 2006
  • General Awards:
    • The Nebula Bar 2006
    • The Silver Palm 2006
    • The Scotty Cross 2008
    • TOSMA 1 2005
    • TOSMA 1 2004
  • Service Ribbons:
    • Captain's Commendation 2014 (Toni Turner)
    • Prometheus Incident Campaign Ribbon 2015 (Phases 1 & 2)
    • Diplomacy Ribbon 2015
    • Captain's Commendation 2015 (Toni Turner)
    • Department Chief Ribbon 2015
    • Starship Commander Ribbon 2016


  1. 23810310: Graduation from Star Fleet Academy and commissioned as an Ensign
  2. 23810415: Promotion ot Lt (jg)
  3. 23810520: Promotion to Lt
  4. 23820320: Promotion to Lieutenant Commander
  5. 23840429: Promotion to Commander
  6. 23861015: Promotion to Captain
  7. 23880920: Retire from Active Duty and named Ambassador to SB118
  8. 23900924: Returned to Active Duty as a Lieutenant Commander
  9. 23910430: Reinstated to Commander
  10. 23911010: Reinstated to Captain

Historical Narative:

Samal E. Frazier started is military career on Stardate 237003.10 when he enlisted in the Federation Army at the age of 17. His first year was spent mainly in training. His specialties were Intelligence and small assault team light infantry tactics. He excelled in all of his training and was selected for a small special operation unit assigned to Star Base 157. While there he moved is way up to Sergeant and was put in charge of a forward intelligence collection team on stardate 237209.16.

At first his new assignment was kind of slow. If his team was not training, they were deep in Romulan space tracking supply routes. It was not until 2373, with the start of the Dominion war, when is job got a more interesting.

A few months before the war started his team sat at an undisclosed location watching the worm whole located at Deep Space 9. His team was cut off from friendly space when DS9 fell to the Dominion. Luckily they got in contact with the Bajoran underground and were able to reestablish contact with Star Fleet. His team supplied all of the intelligence for the retaking of DS9. For the next year he would find himself in a lot more tricky situations in order to ensure Star Fleet had the intelligence needed to beat the Dominion.

Following the Attack on Earth by the Breen, Samal returned home briefly for the funeral of his mother, MAJ Sara Frazier. After a short time back on Earth Samal was put back into action. After the shift of the war and the Federation was beating back the Dominion, now Staff Sergeant Samal Frazier’s team was sent into Cardassian space to send back reports on the battles between the Dominion and the Cardassians. At the conclusion of the war in 2375, SSG Samal Frazier and his team were ordered back to SB 157. His team would only get a short break before being sent off to other areas of the galaxy to ensure the Federation was safe.

On stardate 237708.15, Staff Sergeant Samal Frazier left the Federation Army to attend Star Fleet Academy. He was 25 and had already lived 10 life times. Nothing is more important to Samal then his honor and his dedication to the Federation. Star Fleet is the logical next course of action to take. Cadet Samal Ezra Frazier reported to Star Fleet Academy on stardate 237709.06.

Samal majored in security and tactical, with a minor in intelligence and his experience at the academy was a good. Samal would finish in the middle of his class and after graduation in 2381, he reported to the USS Steadfast, assigned as the Tactical Officer. While on the Steadfast Samal would rise to the rank of LtCmdr and become Chief Tactical Officer.

In late 2382, the crew of the Staedfast was notified that the ship was being mothballed. Samal was selected to become the First Officer to Capt T’Pen on the USS Walton and in 2383 the crew transferred to the USS Challenger. Samal remained in this position until early 2385 although he was away on various short temporary assignments requiring him to be away from the Challenger from time to time.

In early 2385 Samal decided to switch gears and transferred to the Star Fleet Marines. He was given command of a Marine battalion, now on board the challenger. This position would be short lived after his battalion sustained heavy losses during a mission. Although his career was close to ending, Samal was found of no wrong doing but lost his battalion command. Samal requested a return to the fleet where he was made the Chief Operation Officer of the Challenger.

It was not until the destruction of the Challenger that Samal would once again be called upon by Capt T’pen to be her first officer. In early 2386 The USS Challenger-A was launched. It would however be less than a year before now FtCapt T’Pen was transferred out of command, paving the way for Samal. Samal was humbled by this opportunity and assumed command of the USS Challenger-A immediately.

Command of a starship had its ups and downs but Samal loved it. He had an excellent crew and he felt there was no challenge they could not face without being successful. It was not until late 2388 that an investigation was launched against the Challenger-A, and Samal. While most of the information remains classified, Samal saw the writing on the wall and decided it was in the best interest of Star Fleet, and his crew, if he stepped down from command. The biggest challenge Samal had faced in his career.

Samal was immediately transferred to Star Base HQ under the watch full eye of Ft Admiral Wolf, Samal felt disgraced and lost. He reluctantly retired.

Several months later, still in 2388, Samal received a guest. Ambassador Worf, who first met Samal when he was still in the Army, recruited Samal into the Federation Ambassador. This was the next logical step for retired Captains. Samal took an assignment with Star Base 118 Operation as the station Ambassador but would only do this for a short time and would quietly return to retirement.

In mid 2390 Samal had an enlightening moment. He had a dream that he was back on Deep Space 9 during the Dominian War. Samal never told anyone but while in refuge there, Samal was nearly captured. He was tired, hungry, and about ready to give up in order to allow his team to get away. At one point he was visited. He did not know by whom but during this dream the unknown entities identified themselves as Bajoran Prophets. They provided him hope and guidance during the War and they returned to him again, in this time of need. The next day Samal contacted Ft Admiral Wolf at SB-118 and requested to be reinstated into Star Fleet.

Samal knew he was asking a lot. His reputation was tarnished and he needed to prove himself. He was pleased when he was notified by FtCapt Toni Turner, an old friend, that she was willing to take Samal on as a member of her crew. Samal was reinstated into Star Fleet as a LtCmdr and assigned to the Security Section of the Federation Embassy on Duronis II with duty onboard the USS Thunder-A.

On Stardate 23910430 Samal was once again promoted to Commander serving as the Chief of Strategic Operations to the Federation Embassy on Duronis II with duty onboard the USS Thunder-A.

On Stardate 23910601 Samal was reassigned to the USS Victory as the Chief Tactical Officer and on Stardate 23910617 Samal was selected to be a Deputy Commandant, Star Base 118 Academy.

On Stardate 23910910 Samal was once again reassigned to the Embassy Duronis II/ USS Thunder NCC - 70605-A.

On Stardate 23911010 Samal was reinstated to the rank of Captain.

On Stardate 23929695 Samal was given command of the USS Bronwyn NCC-2124, a repatriated starship that was relaunched with a joint Laudean/ Federation crew, assigned to the Federation Embassy on Duronis II.