SIM:Decomissioning of the USS Phoenix-B

Written from the perspective of Captain Malcolm Lysander.

((StarBase 118, Ceremonial Room))

::Stepping into the huge room, I look around slowly, taking in all of the decorations and fanfare that's been set up. Everything is silent, and there is no one around, a nice change from the command center.::

::100 chairs, 50 on each side of the room, face forward out a huge glass window overlooking the ship bay. The floor this room is on actually rotates 360 degress to face all areas of the ship bay, but at the moment the window is aligned to face the mammoth bay doors, which are closed, protecting StarBase 118's sleeping starships while the base's shields undergo repair::

::The room has an amphitheater feel, as the floor slopes downward to a small stage. The chairs sit just so that each person in the room has both a good view of the stage, as well as the extra tall window, and what lies beyond it. A podium stands on stage at the moment, and to it's right, from where I stand near the door, are a few chair off to the side, for those who will be speaking at the ceremony::

::To my left, in the back left hand corner of the room is a table with refreshments. Guests will have a chance to snack before the ceremony, but there will be larger party aboard the Phoenix - C, during it's maiden voyage. Along the wall to it's right is the history of the Phoenix lineage. Huge glass panels are etched and lit perfectly to show the drama of the three ships which have worn the name Phoenix. Finally, at far end of the wall, is the newest addition to the history: The USS Phoenix - C. Photos of the grand ship show her strong lines and curves, along various stages of construction::

::I walk slowly down the aisle towards the stage, marvelling in the job the conference staff has done, putting this ceremony together. Simple, yet stunning::

::The doors of the hall open behind me, letting in the first two or three officers. I quickly walk to the stage, and stand at the podium, checking all of the controls are ready and in place for the big display. In my final touch before the ceremony begins, I opaque the glass window. It turns from clear, to black, showing a huge animated United Federation of Planets symbol. Every five minutes until the glass is made transparent again, the symbol will fly in to the picture, and rotate slowly for four minutes, before being shattered by a picture of the Phoenix - C flying in.::

::Just a few minutes later the hall is almost full. Admiral Barnes is seated to my left, and two other captains to my right. Admiral Wolf, unfortunately (or... fortunately?) couldn't make the event. The only word I got from his is a note about his involvement in the peace talks with the new Excalibur. I doubt he's doing anything to move the peace along, though...::

::A chime sounds, marking the hour, and I stand. As usual, I am sweating just a little from all the eyes on me. But just a little::

LYSANDER: Today, the StarBase sees one of the longest serving vessels of it's current fleet be put to rest. The USS Phoenix - B, registration number NCC 65403 - B, put into service in 2350, will be decomissioned today.

::My finger taps a button on the console and the lights dim. Behind me, the USS Phoenix - C shatters the UFOP symbol one last time, before the glass fades to transparency. The Phoenix - B, meanwhile, is now standing quietly in plain view of the window, it's marking accentuated by white lighting. The ship's bow is pointed directly at the window, her stern angled up ever so slightly::

LYSANDER: What you see before you is a ship that has been commanded by two officers since it's complete overhaul in 2365. First, Captain Tristan Wolf, now Fleet Admiral Tristan Wolf. The Admiral led his crew through numerous harsh battles, including the crisis at Argratha. The ship has seen mercy missions so astounding that even the blood of experienced officers has curdled.

The second officer was Captain William Barnes, now Admiral William Barnes. ::I motion to the seated Admiral:: Logs during his time commanding show the most in depth survey of the Tarella sector, and perhaps the most studied first-contact at Telaryisis Prime.
Unfortunantely, all good things must come to an end. In the recent years, the Phoenix - B has sadly experienced cascading computer malfunctions, removing it from active service as the StarBase's primary defense and escort ship. The ship you see now is barely held together by a temporary computer system. Today, we retire her to spacedock for dismantling. Her memory will be well preserved, and her bridge-module put on display at the Jupiter Colony ship museum like many others before her.

::Turning to the Phoenix - B, I watch her interior lights dim, deck by deck. Finally, as the last are extinguished, the exterior lights fade out. Two tugs zip upward from below her, lock on tractor beams, and pull the ship out of view::

LYSANDER: And yet, with each nacelle dimmed, another must take it's place. With that, it is my pleasure to give to the StarBase 118 community a top-of-the-line ship. This ship, although already christened unofficially in battle, has not yet actually been comissioned. It is the first Steamrunner - Wolverine, or SRM2, class ship to ever be built, although the USS Tiger was the prototype for this class.

::Behind me, the USS Phoenix - C drops down into the view of the audience, it's front facing at us, like the Phoenix - B was position. Once in place, it begins to rotate clockwise, giving everyone a view of it's every angle::

LYSANDER: Therefore, in light of StarFleet Engineering department's advice that the ship is structurally sound, and the approval of StarFleet High Command, that I send this bottle to this new ship, to officially comission her as the new USS Phoenix - C.

::Pressing a button on the podium, I turn and watch as a bottle of champagne is launched at the Phoenix - C. In a matter of about twenty seconds, the bottle crosses the ship bay to the Phoenix - C, which has paused with it's front again facing us, and explodes over her hull, sending droplets of fizzy champagne here and there. Smiling, I clap loudly, and thunderous applause follows from the audience::

LYSANDER: Congratulations to all those who helped make the Steamrunner-Wolverine class a reality. May this ship see the light of many suns, and bring pride to the Federation. ::Again, the crowd applauds:: If you'd all like to join me now, aboard the Phoenix - C, we will initiate her maiden voyage.

::A large door near the front of the auditorium, on the right wall, swings open to reveal a ramp leading downward. The ramp continues to a specially designed walkway, which is open to the bay, save for an invisible forcefield arching over it to keep atmosphere. Those present stand, and file towards the ramp, which in turn is extending rapidly outward to the Phoenix - C, which has backed up towards the auditorium, to allow for a shorter walk::

::In under twenty minutes, the whole of the crowd is aboard the ship. The small conference room, the lounge, and number of senior officers quarters aboard the ship have been cleared and set for the audience. Everyone will get a front row seat for the maiden voyage, which will start with a lap around the base, before a run to the nearby Loasn system's outer planet. We will swing around there before heading back at full warp::

::Once aboard, and standing in front of the commander's chair, I smile for the cameras, and give the order to head out of space dock, 1/4 impulse::

::With the docking bay behind us, the ship's impulse engines light to full power, as we arc around the massive StarBase complex, and finally off to warp::

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