Piktar system/Piktar II

Piktar II
Stellar Cartography
Region Menthar Corridor
Sector Ephum Bevis
System Piktar System
Sun(s) Pikta
Moon(s) 4 (Unnamed)
Class Q
Diameter 87,600,000
Atmosphere toxic
Hydrosphere 7.03%
Climate Hot
Gravity 0.99g
Primary terrain Unstable
Points of interest None
Length of Day 29hr
Length of Year 478 days
Native species None
Other species None
Official Language NA
Population NA
Technological Classification NA
Major cities NA
Imports NA
Exports NA
Affiliation None
Government None

Planetary Description

Piktar II is old, hot, and unstable. The planet has been dead for quite awhile with an atmosphere that is tenuous and toxic. It is mineral heavy, but only with commonly found minerals making it not a priority for mining operations. It is presently the home of a research installation.

Outpost Alpha

Outpost Alpha

Outpost Alpha is the home of research and development of ground based technologies and is the home of thirty-two scientists and personnel. It is part of the Prometheus Station network.


In 2392, an away team from the USS Columbia led by the first officer visited the outpost as part of the Prometheus Incident. There they discovered a rogue sentient cybernetic life form Iater identified as Providence, who was looking to be merged with another programme- Mercy. The outpost's director T'Sai, had created the life form from the mind of a deceased girl over two decades before, initially with the backing of Starfleet, before ethical and moral complications caused them to cancel the initiative. T'Sai continued to fund the research with secret backers and perverted it's original goal- to care for starship crews- into a deadly first strike weapon by intending to merge the life form with another programme: Mercy.

Providence, in her quest to be merged, infiltrated the USS Columbia where it discovered it's true nature and fought against its impulse to seek out Mercy. Cornered by the away team, T'Sai began to delete Providence's programme, but the process was halted- leaving hope that the life form could one day be reactivated.