Moran Jatam

USS Challenger-A


Moran Jatam

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  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Medical Officer
  • Rank: Ensign
  • Race: Bajoran
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Ensign Moran Jatam, a Bajoran, is currently a medical officer aboard the USS Challenger-A.


  • Full Name: Moran Jatam
  • Current Rank: Ensign
  • Race: Bajoran
  • Date of Birth: 236203.20 (Age: 26)
  • Place of Birth: Bajor
  • Gender: Male


  • Height: 5' 10
  • Weight: 170 lbs
  • Hair Color: Dark brown, almost black
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Skin Tone: Caucasian; dark/olive complexion
  • Distinguishing Features: Bajoran family earring, worn on his right ear.
  • Build: Average
  • Carriage: Straight posture; usually walks with long strides at a quick pace.
  • Poses: Tilts his head slightly to the right when listening attentively; makes frequent hand gestures when talking, causing him to hold his hands together in a deliberate manner when trying to control them.
  • Handedness: Right-handed


  • Spouse: Unmarried
  • Children: None
  • Parents
    • Father: Moran Kelar (born 2338; occupation: horticulturist/farmer)
    • Mother: Moran Tal (born 2339; occupation: clerk/farmer)

Personal History

Moran Jatam was born several years before the end of the Cardassian occupation. His father worked as a gardener, frequently serving Cardassian and Occupational Government officials; his mother was a low-level records clerk. After the Cardassians withdrew, Kelar and Tal chose to return to their native Hill Province and begin the long process of re-cultivating the land for agriculture. In 2371, martial law was imposed on the Hill Province during the Shakaar Uprising; Kelar was arrested while organizing a group refusal to turn over soil reclamators.

After finishing his primary schooling, Moran began studies in Jalanda City, studying psychology and intending to enter the Bajoran diplomatic corps. Over the course of his first year, he grew increasingly dissatisfied with the Bajoran political scene: isolationists and pro-Federation politicians were still deadlocked, after nearly a decade of peace on Bajor. He continued his studies through a second year, but applied to enter Starfleet Academy after deciding it was the most effective way to add to the Bajoran role in galactic affairs.


Moran is old enough to have experienced the Occupation firsthand, but young enough to remember very little of it. Its most lasting impact has been a devotion to Bajor and strong faith in the Bajoran people and culture. His decision to enter, and then abandon, an attempt to enter Bajoran politics was based on his belief that the time has come for the Bajoran people to take a more active role in galactic affairs—whether that means politics, the arts, or science. Living through the end of the Occupation and witnessing the Dominion War from near its apex has led him to believe that the best means for Bajor to take up its next, necessary role is through membership in the Federation, which Moran believes to be the best hope for a stable galaxy.

He has a natural talent for languages, which he studied intensively on Bajor and at Starfleet Academy. A people’s language and literature, for him, is the key to understanding individuals. His delight in learning languages led him, initially, to believe he would be a Bajoran diplomat and, at the Academy, to take up linguistic studies in addition to his medical courseload. He is fluent in Bajoran, Federation Standard, and Cardassian; has an intermediate knowledge of Klingon and Ferengi; and has a reading knowledge of Ancient Bajoran and Vulcan.

Moran’s observance of Bajoran religious customs is devoted, though he has come to it only in recent years and continues to consider himself something of a skeptic. His parents and extended family are primarily secular—though, unlike many, they did not lose faith because of the Cardassian Occupation, but claim, instead, to have come from a long line of free-thinkers. He believes that the past century of Bajoran history requires them to re-evaluate what their relationship with the Prophets means for and demands of them.


Starfleet Academy: Medical major; M.D., Starfleet Medical; Advanced courses in linguistics/languages.

Bajor: University studies, Jalanda City – training in psychology and diplomacy.


  1. 236203.20: Moran Jatam born in Bajor’s Hill Province. During the Cardassian Occupation, his father served as a gardener; his mother served as a low-level records clerk.
  2. 2369: Cardassian Occupation ends; Moran’s parents remain in their native province as farmers.
  3. 2371: Moran’s father, Kelar, is arrested after refusing to return a soil reclamator to the Bajoran government during the Shakaar Uprising; he is released shortly thereafter when martial law is lifted.
  4. 2373-5: Dominon War; brief Dominion presence on Bajor and Cardassian return; continued Dominion/Cardassian threat after Federation return in 2374.
  5. 2380-2: University studies in Jalanda City, Bajor.
  6. 2382: Leaves his studies on Bajor to enter Starfleet Academy
  7. 238803.28: Graduates from Starfleet Academy; assigned to USS Challenger-A as a medical officer.

Professional History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
  Ensign 238803.20-238804.28 USS Challenger-A Medical Officer
238804.28-present LOA

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