Eren th'Chaorhith

Eren th'Chaorhith is enlisted Tactical specialist onboard the USS Resolution.

USS Resolution
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Eren th'Chaorhith
Position Enlisted Tactical Personnel
Rank Crewman Second Class
Species Andorian
Gender Then
DOB 237910.04
Age 20
Birthplace Laibok, Andoria
Writer ID R239712AS0


  • Height: 2 meters (6'7")
  • Weight: 97.5 kg (215 lbs.)
  • Hair: White
  • Eyes: Dark Green
  • Build: Fit


Born in the Andorian capital of Laibok. Enlisted in Starfleet at 18 years of age as a Tactical specialist.


Seems a little dry despite always smiling. Aggressive when provoked.


Eren th'Chaorhith is a NPC of Aine Sherlock and is playable as an NPC by any crewmember.