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Title: Dumb Enough to Volunteer
Author: Brenna Parker
Character: Matty Walker (PNPC)
Stardate: 248602.08

((Corridors, USS Challenger))

Matty walked down a few corridors then stopped, trying to get everything he had to do straight in his head. Well, first things first, he supposed -- before he got the four additional Marines for the first 24 hour shift, he would need a place to keep them.

Walker: =/\= Walker to Quartermaster. =/\=

Iey-Fig: =/\= Go on. =/\=

Walker: =/\= This is 2nd Lieutenant Walker. I need two rooms, one directly across from Mrs. Pev's quarters for the stationing of the off duty honor guard and detail and I need it ricky-- ::he caught himself:: Err, right away. =/\=

Iey-Fig: =/\= Yeah, all right then take it. Security made me clear out most of that section already. =/\=

Walker: =/\= Oh. Great. ::suddenly suspicious:: There's furniture, right? =/\=

Iey-Fig: ::grumbling:: =/\= Is there furniture? Of course there's furniture! What, you think I pick it all up after someone leaves and store it in the cargo hold? There's a bunch of work for me, moving it in and back once someone needs it, so why waste the time? =/\=

Walker: ::hastily:: =/\= Right, thanks. Walker out. =/\=

oO That was easy. Oo

He was starting to feel a little better about it all. Now, all he had to do was find a few Marines to do the job.


After pouring over the rosters for an hour, he had only selected five men, four of whom he had already called to ready themselves for the next shift. That would cover the rest of the day, at least, but they'd need some fresh faces for the next. Matty resolved to solve that problem a bit later on. For now, he was going to go check in with those he had prepped.

When he entered the quarters, the four jumped to attention, something Matty quickly waved off. Most of them were far more experienced than him, and there was no higher officer present to take offense if proper protocol wasn't observed.

Walker: I'm here to further explain the purpose and expectations of this detail. You already know the basics, but let me tell you a little bit about my expectations. I knew Admiral Pev -- he was a man worth honoring. ::fiercely:: And if any of you disrespect the honor due to his wife and his body in any way, you'll be explaining it to me from inside an airlock, got it?

There was only silence and nods inside the room.

Walker: Good. Now full dress means full dress. We're doing two hours on, four standby, three shifts. You're expected to remain here for the entire 24 hours. I'll let you know when you're relieved. Any questions?

Men: No sir!

Walker: Fine. I don't want any nonhackers here, so if someone's slacking, I wanna know about it. I'm going to round up 2nd squad and finish up the roster. If LT Llewelyn checks in, let him know and show him that you're the Marines we want on this guard.

Men: Yes sir!

Without anything further, Matty left, to do just what he had said.


2LT Mathew Walker
Starfleet Marine
USS Challenger, NCC-12886