Cleanliness Protocol (USS Eagle)


The USS Eagle responds to a distress signal from an alien freighter carrying passengers.

Important Characters

  • Jalec Zinn - Captain of the freighter
  • Lot Erran - Magistrate of The People
  • Yara Fennet - The People’s Minister of Health

Plot Summary

Part 1

Responding to a distress call, The Eagle meets Jalec Zinn, captain of a freighter carrying passengers. Zinn is a member of a culture known simply as The People. The Eagle receives passengers who were injured when the ship was badly damaged as the freighter journeyed through an asteroid field. A repair team led by Lt. Blackwell and Cmdr. Pavlova beamed to the freighter to help with repairs, but shortly after the team’s arrival on the freighter, a cascade failure caused an explosion that pushed the ship over the edge. The away team, along with the remaining crew of the freighter were beamed aboard the Eagle before the freighter exploded completely. Shortly after the freighter exploded, all of the people who had originally been aboard the freighter along with Commander Oddas, Ensign Waters were whisked away by a transporter beam.

Part 2

With the captain missing, LtCmdr Shayne attempts to negotiate with The People for a diplomatic solution while LtCmdr Pavlova leads an away team to effect a military one. Commander Oddas and Ensign Waters find themselves in a detention facility, along with Captain Zinn and a crowd of refugees - marked for recycling due to minor genetic deficiencies. While the hostages began working on an escape plan the Eagle was attacked by a set of drones from the surface, necessitating self-defense. Working independently the hostages manage to work to disable the shields around their cells, while the military forces force their way in.

Meanwhile, the forces aboard the Eagle find their diplomatic forces coming up short, probably due to poor timing as the forcible actions of the crew on the surface became known, and they were forced to defend themselves and they looked for ways to disable all of the attacking drones.

Part 3

The Condor, with Commander Oddas, Ensign Waters, Captain Zinn, LtCmdr Pavlova, and Ensign Vescori aboard races toward the Eagle, but not before disabling the defense probe's command and control infrastructure, and with it The People's abilities to keep the refugees from being beamed aboard. In concert with the Eagle a team led by Ensign Hayley, Lieutenant Blackwell, and LtCmdr Shayne are able to produce a pulse disabling all of the probes' inner workings, allowing the Condor to dock for a landing.

Part 4

Back aboard the Eagle the Commander Oddas hails the entire planet and the Minister of Health. Believing she is skirting General Order 1, she informs the planet below there is a galactic society waiting to meet them, and that as long as there is a policy of them 'Recycling' their lesser wanted citizens they will be unwelcome. She also informs them any refugees who make it off the planet will be granted automatic asylum.

Finished with their business the Eagle leaves the planet for Starbase 821, and some well-deserved shore leave.