Currently Assigned to the USS Challenger

ACEL'A - Marine Officer
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Erathian, with Thalaxian infusion
  • Age: 21
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Black

Homeworld: Erath (Erath is a world in a system on the most extreme edge of the milky way galaxy alpha quadrant, it has developed amazingly closely to Earth in one of those strange cosmic co-incidences. Erath is an anagram of "Earth")

Physical Appearance: Average build, fair-skinned, with short hair, cut pixie-style. On her head, is a red, miniature, "half"-pantograph, like that found on the power car of an Acela Express trainset, on Earth(and Erath). It is usually in the retracted position, unless needed.

Personality: Straightforward, "in-your-face" honest. Enjoys a good joke and prank now and then, but while on duty, is all business. She can be quite social and friendly, a great asset in situations requiring diplomacy and tact.

Strengths: Excellent skills with most phaser types, adept at hand-to-hand combat, above-average diplomatic skills well-honed problem solving skills.

Weaknesses: Can be mouthy, after consuming too much alcohol, prone to fastidiousness about pantograph

Ambitions: To be the best Starfleet Security Officer and one day rise through the ranks, perhaps to the Admiralty.

Hobbies:Running, most physical sports and martial-arts sparring, enjoys holodeck adventures as well.

History: Acel'a was born, El'za Ra'u in Ge'se City, No'a Ge'se, to E'ward and Barb'ra Ra'u, in Erath's 20th Century. Shortly thereafter, they moved to a town named Ri'er Val. El'za had 5 other siblings, Sco'ot, K'im, Don'a and Pa'rik, each approximately 5-6 years apart, with El'za being the oldest. El'za stayed in Ri'er Val for about 24 years, when she moved to Chicar'o and soon began working for the Continent-wide ground transportation service, Am'tra, until one fateful day, when she was transformed, through an infusion, initiated by an unknown species, called Thalaxians.

That day started out normally, with Ms Ra'u, now aged 34, beginning her day at Un'on Station, in downtown Chicar'o. Everything went smoothly, until about 3:30 pm, when, as Ra'u's Acel'a Express trainset was heading east, a large, cloaked, Thalaxian "science vessel" settled into a geosynchonous orbit, undetected by the world's atmospheric sensor systems. The vessel, settled over Chicar'o, and seemed to follow Ra'u's train, which was at the time, heading to the city of Ne' Yor. El'za had no idea what was about to transpire.

Suddenly, an enormous, intense blue bolt of energy, streaked downward and struck the power car's raised pantograph, as it glided along the cantenary wire. The bolt traveled down the pantograph, through the power car's roof and straight to the top of El'za's head! The sheer force of the beam's impact, stunned Ra'u, causing her to release the train's "throttle" lever. The beam settled, formed a small "vortex", then retreated back up, through the pantograph, up to the vessel. The retreating beam left something behind - a miniature, bright red, retracted pantograph, exactly like the one on the power car! Not only that, Ra'u had grown a foot taller! She was now 6'6", instead of 5'6".

When El'za came to, a tall, blue-skinned, robed man stood across from her, in the power car's cab, startling her. The man identified himself as Zo'lan of Thalax and proceeded to explain his presence and what was done to her. He then gave her a transparent container, carrying an isolinear chip. This contained all the information need to confirm what had been done to El'za.

This infusion, which was a type of DNA transfer/blending is what triggered the appearance of the miniature pantograph. That was the byproduct of the "source-beam" passing through the power car's pantograph, which acted as the beam's conductor/conduit. As a result of the DNA's infusion, El'za now had many of the same attributes of the Thalaxian race. the only two major differences were retention of original skin/hair/eye color and the "addition" of the pantograph, which also consisted of living tissue, despite it looking and feeling like a pantograph. One of the attributes acquired was an extended lifespan - aging one Thalaxian year, for every one HUNDRED Erathian years.

Another "change" was that, upon infusion, the individual takes on a name, denoting the outward sign of the infusion. El'za was given the name, "Acel'a", for the pantograph was part of the Acel'a Express trainset's power car! The family, friends and co-workers had to address her by that new name. As Acel'a discovered the full potential of her abilities, some of which manifested, only when she raised her pantograph, by her will. Acel'a began to explore new possiblities, such as becoming a peace officer, or act independently, yet within the parameters of Continental Law. By the time Starfleet was formed, on Earth, Acel'a was already centuries old, yet appeared to be in her early 20s. She still hesitated to join as she felt there was more to do.

Finally, one year, after a particularly harrowing year, Acel'a, became restless and disillusioned with life as a enforcement officer, on Erath. She had heard about the academy, on Earth and subsequently, Acel'a applied for and was accepted to Starfleet Academy, majoring in Ship and Planetary Security. Her Academy years were a challenge, both to Acel'a and the staff, for whenever she raised her pantograph, she would become as fast and powerful as the high-speed train she used to operate! Acel'a eventually graduated with a grade point average equivelant of 3.5. Upon graduation, Acel'a was assigned to a small, Steamrunner-class vessel, until she received transfer orders to her new assignment,

Notes: Acel'a is NOT immortal, despite her special abilities. She still needs to raise her pantograph to use them. One way to prevent access to special abilities, is to physically restrict the raising of her pantograph. Plus, Acel'a can be hurt, just like anyone else, but she is able to "heal", by auto-regenerating her pantograph, if damaged or destroyed, or through modified regenerators "tuned" to her pantograph's "DNA".