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Mathematics Department

The study and analysis of numbers, equations, and theorums.

Courses highlighted in bold green are Academy Core Courses.

  • MATH101: Concepts
    • Introduction to mathematical systems, including Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Pre-Calculus. Discusses modern applications of these systems, additionally.
  • MATH110: Functions and Models
    • Study of algebraic, trigonometric, exponential and logarithmic functions within the context of mathematical modeling.
  • MATH120: Calculus, Advanced
    • Study of limits, differentiation, and integration of functions of one variable.
  • MATH200: Discrete
    • An introduction to the discrete paradigm in mathematics and computer science. Topics included are induction, recursion, algorithmic problem-solving, graph theory, number theory, and counting techniques.
  • MATH250: Differential
    • Study of ordinary differential equations and systems of equations, through the use of analytic, qualitative/ geometric, and numerical techniques. Applications from physics, biology, chemistry, engineering, economics, and psychology will be presented.
  • MATH270: Linear Algebra
    • Solving linear systems, matrix algebra, vector spaces and linear transformations, eigenvectors, orthogonality.
  • MATH300: Combinatorics
    • Continues the ideas of counting, graph theory, and algorithms from Mathematics 200. Topics may include Ramsey Theory, designs, coding theory, generating functions, and optimization. Offered in alternate years.
  • MATH320: Analysis
    • A rigorous study of the structure of the real line and the properties of real-valued functions. Topics include sequences, limits, continuity, differentiabililty, and integrability.
  • MATH330: Probability and Statistics
    • Theory of probability and mathematical statistics including an introduction to descriptive statistics and exploratory data analysis, basic concepts of probability theory, discrete and continuous random variables, special distributions, moment-generating functions, multivariate distributions, sampling distribution theory, and the Central Limit Theorem.
  • MATH400: Solipsistic Mathematics
    • A survey of recent advances in solipsistic mathematics and their applications to new understandings of quantum theory. Emphasis is placed upon matter replication and transporter mechanisms.
  • MATH440: Topology
    • A rigourous study of topology and conceptions of N-dimensional space.

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