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The study of the background, theory, assembly, repair, usage, and upkeep of the systems which control starships.

Programs Offered

Undergraduate Majors and Minors

Introductory Engineering Courses

  • ENG101: General Electronics
    • Introduction to electronic components in both Federation and non-Federation systems.
  • ENG111: Intermediate Electronics 1
    • Continues where General Electronics left off by delving more in depth with Electronics in Federation systems, and provides a practical application for the knowledge in StarFleet. Covers Computer Systems, Transporters, Life Support Systems, and Shields.
  • ENG112: Intermediate Electronics 2
    • Continues where Intermediate Electronics 1 left off by covering Command Functions, Bio-Neural Components, and Programming.
  • ENG121: Colossal Failures in Engineering
    • A series of case studies regarding several major engineering disasters over the past centuries of space travel with particular focus on failures in management and effective communication.


  • ENGSEM: (Specialty)
    • Seminar on specific non-major equipment.

Advanced Engineering Course Listing


Starship Engineering

Components Engineering

Propulsion Engineering

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