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StarBase 118
Trojan-class SB118

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StarBase 118 has over 2,750 decks. As such, a deck layout is necessary for ease of navigation.

Command Section

Main Article: StarBase 118 Command Towers

The Command Section, also known as the "Towers," are the highest module of the base, and serve as office-space for both civilian and StarFleet entities.

Notable Towers

  • Command Center: The Command Center is the main operations hub for the entire starbase.
  • Executive Tower: The Executive Tower is the location of the administrative offices for the small number of top brass who call StarBase 118 their home of operations.
  • Black Tower: The Black Tower is home to the headquarters for StarFleet Intelligence's Romulan and Klingon divisions. The Tower is restricted to Starfleet Intelligence personnel only, but other officers among the senior staff have access on an as needed basis.


Main Article: StarBase 118 Drydock

The drydock is the massive ship-docking area inside the base. Decks 1-54 are considered part of the drydock section but are actually above the drydock itself, and encompass the "collar" below the Command Towers.

Decks 1-455

  • 1: Towers basement, towers turbolift access support areas, towers staff food court
  • 2: Towers security, medical waystation, access control, towers environmental control, towers waste management
  • 3-8: Towers auxiliary shuttle docking center
  • 9-29: Drydock and shuttle cargo bays, maintenance storage
  • 30-44: Shuttle docking
  • 45-50: Drydock maintenance and support facilities
  • 51: Probe launching facility, phaser banks (ranges 1-10), torpedo launchers 1-5
  • 52-53: Fighter squad docking (including the Talon Fighter Wing)
  • 54: Auxiliary maintenance-shuttle docking and support
  • 55 - 455: Docking bay

Administration Section

The administration section functions as the hub for all officers who work on the StarBase. Many posts such as security, science/research, and support (medical) have their main offices and research centers based here. All officers in the command division also have their offices located in this sector.

This area also houses the bulk of the starbase's educational facilities, including a distance education campus of Starfleet Academy. As such, StarBase 118 serves as the primary place where officers report to at the beginning of their day to receive their orders and assignments for the coming shift.

Decks 456-766

  • 456-457: Operations Management Center (The Node)
  • 458-462: StarBase 118 Marines Facilities
  • 463-499: Unlisted
  • 500-505: Primary Medical Facility/Main Hospital (Sickbay)
    • 500: Hospital Administration, Office of the Chief Medical Officer, staff commissary, locker rooms, offices
    • 501: Mental health services, imaging, dentistry
    • 502: Infectious Disease (Virology, Bacteriology, Epidemiology, Disease Control)
    • 503: Patient Rooms, recuperation, pediatrics
    • 504: Surgery, Internal Medicine, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Main Nursing Station
    • 505: Lobby (spans three decks), emergency care, urgent care clinic, family and general practice care
  • 506-560: Science Offices and Labs
    • 506-507: Science Main Offices, Ian West Office and Lab
    • 508-514: Xenobiology laboratories, Astrogeology laboratories, Archaeology and Library facilities
    • 515-518: Stellar Cartography laboratories. (includes a 3 deck lab containing a massive holodisplay system.)
    • 518-522: Botanical research and development including scientific arboretums
    • 522-529: Cybernetic and Robotics laboratories and testing facilities.
    • 529-535: Science secondary computer core and emergency power facilities
    • 536-540: Secure sample containment facilities (Bravo-level restricted access.)
    • 541-546: Secure sample containment facilities (Delta-level restricted access.)
    • 547-549: Science department holodeck facilities (no recreational usage)
    • 550-560: Astrophysics laboratories and Zero-G study facilities
  • 561-576: Medical Labs, Academic Campus, and Morgue
    • 561-563: Academy Medical College
    • 564-575: Medical research labs
    • 576: Morgue
  • 577-580: Counseling offices and mental health areas
  • 581-766: Unlisted


The habitat sections, split almost equally at about 270 decks a piece, house both permanent and temporary residents of the base.

Decks 767-1041

Decks 1854-2126

  • Deck 1976
    • Deck 1976, Section 12, Apartment 105: Crewman K'Mal's shared Apartment

Commercial Sector

The center of commercial activity on the base, spanning approximately 15% of the length of the base, and supporting its own atmosphere, complete with clouds and a simulated sun.

Decks 1042-1171

  • 1042: Commercial areas
  • 1043: Upper wait station (upper deck), commercial areas
  • 1044: Upper wait station (lower deck), commercial areas
  • 1045: Open-air commercial dome
    • There are a number of buildings within the dome which have between 2-80 floors. These buildings utilize their own internal transportation systems, and thus are numbered in the usual manner, with "1st floor" being equivalent to the ground floor.
  • 1046: Commercial dome transportation system and lower wait station, the Dungeon.
  • 1047-1048: Commercial dome transportation system support and engineering
  • 1049-1099: Commercial areas
  • 1100: Commercial areas and Commercial Sector Sickbay
  • 1101-1171: Commercial areas

Engineering Section

3d Version
delta flyer copy parked at one of the many servicing stations in engineering
3d Version
One of the many enclosed decks of engineering, offering a variety of computing services.
3d Version
A snapshot of one of the Jeffries tubes taken by Sarah Novak as she worked there on stardate 238901.25

The engineering section is home to a multitude of different areas, making it somewhat misnamed. While it is true that a good deal of the computer cores and two of the fusion generators on the base are housed in this section, as well as the offices of engineering officers and dispatch points of maintenance teams, there are also many hundreds of large cargo bays, and extensive research labs.

Decks 1172-1853

  • 1172-1236 - Cybernetics Labs
  • 1237-1270
    • 1239 - Secondary sensor controls
  • 1271-1313
  • 1314-1324
  • 1325-1400
    • 1327 - Fusion Generator 1
  • 1401-1444
  • 1445-1494
  • 1495-1505
  • 1506-1560
    • 1511 - Fusion Generator 2
  • 1561-1579
  • 1580-1616
  • 1617-1677
  • 1678-1701
    • 1685 - Fusion Generator 3
  • 1702-1746
  • 1745-1777
  • 1778-1822
  • 1823-1853
    • 1850 - Fusion Generator 4

Subspace Array

This large bulbous section of the base, at the very bottom, is devoted almost entirely to communications processing and hardware for this system. Because the Starbase is a hub for media moving across the quadrant as well, it is an extremely important relay in the communications network.

Decks 2127-2765

  • List decks