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StarBase 118's main medical facility is a highly advanced hospital serving the inhabitants of StarBase 118 as well as dozens of populated planets in the Trinity and Serellan sectors, and beyond.

The primary purpose of the facility is the health and welfare of Starfleet personnel, and the citizens who live on StarBase 118. With a resident and transient population of the starbase reaching above 200,000 individuals, and the nearest similar facility able and willing to treat Starfleet personnel over six hours away at high warp, StarBase 118's medical facility must maintain a comprehensive services list with the most advanced medical technology available.

In addition to serving Starfleet and the residents and visitors of StarBase 118, the medical facility also provides pro-bono medical services to nearby planets for high-level care that cannot be obtained locally. While this facility does not serve as the care of first resort for these planets, it does provide medical services, research, and technology that could not otherwise be found on these planets.

Auxiliary medical facilities

While the main medical facility is home to the primary medical resources of the base, three auxiliary medical facilities are located throughout the base:

  • Tower Health: This small facility provides emergency medical and clinical care for the staff of the towers, allowing easy access for small and ongoing medical issues.
  • Habitat Health: This small facility provides emergency medical first-response and specialized pediatric care to residents of the lower habitat section. (Upper habitat residents and visitors are served by the main facility.)
  • Engineering Health: This small facility provides emergency medical first-response specializing in care for the hazards of working around large machinery and dangerous chemicals and radiation.


The medical facility provides emergency care, ongoing inpatient medical treatment, as well as low-level urgent care and general practice family care in the facility's clinic. Research and educational facilities are located in another facility on the base.

Administrative Center

While the offices of staff, and data processing stations, are spread throughout the hospital complex, located at locations logical for the staff themselves, the hospital's main administrative center – home to the Chief Medical Officer and staff – is located on Deck 500. The CMO's office handles both personnel management, as well as interfacing with Base-Ops for resource management.

The administrative deck of the main medical facility is often referred to as “Quingenti,” a word that comes from the Terran language of Latin and means “five hundred,” a reference to the deck on which it is located. Many objects, such as desks, doors, and PADDs, are often emblazoned with a stylized letter “D,” which represents, in a highly aestheticized fashion, the ancient Terran Roman numeral for “five hundred.”

Chief Medical Officer's office

The Chief Medical Officer’s office is more a suite than a single room. The primary office chamber contains a desk and desktop monitor, as well as large medical displays. From here, one can monitor the status and progress of literally hundreds of patients in the hospital and auxiliary medical facilities. Adjoining the office is a lounge for less formal individual meetings with the base’s CMO. Adjoining the lounge room is the Chief Medical Officer’s conference room, dominated by a large conference table, which is roughly the same size of a table in a starship conference room.

Location and access

The hospital is located on Decks 500 through 505, encompassing all of each deck.

StarBase 118 residents and visitors enter through the one lobby on deck 505. An internal turbolift structure for the hospital facility can then deliver patients to other areas of the hospital, ensuring both quarantine and security procedures are honored. A maintenance delivery turbolift access point is also available to hospital staff, and base engineering staff.

Incoming patients from outside of StarBase 118 are delivered to the hospital emergency room with direct and exclusive access from the emergency medical docking port in drydock. Extra-large turbolift vehicles secured with quarantine technology facilitate the transportation.

The hospital also has multiple incoming and outgoing transporter rooms. Vessels docked at the base can initiate transport to either the general intake room near the lobby, or the emergency room transporter location. Emergency staff also use that location for transport for fast access to patients experiencing a medical emergency on the base. In the event of a starbase crisis, Base-Ops has the authority to initiate site-to-site transports for medical personnel to affected areas as necessary.