Grendellai Operations Ribbon

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Grendellai Operations Ribbon
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Type: service ribbon

The Grendellai Operations Ribbon is a campaign service ribbon awarded to a person that was involved in the Joint Mission of the USS Kodiak-B, USS Independence and USS Triumphant in the IC93 system. Or, the Summer Blockbuster Mission involving the bombing of Deep Space 17 and the theft of USS Phoenix-C. This ribbon will serve as a reminder that, whenever possible, peace is the best option.

Service Ribbons

generalmilestonegallantry & heroismlifesavingcampaign
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Gorn Campaign Ribbon Maquis Reborn Service Medal Orion Syndicate Service Medal Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal Gorn Invasion Ribbon
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Grendellai Operations Ribbon Vaadwaur Invasion Campaign Ribbon Hobus Heroism Ribbon Bajoran Campaign Ribbon Klingon Invasion Ribbon
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Gateway Ribbon Prometheus Ribbon War of Shadows Ribbon
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